Don't take your own advice, Stavros

I was horrified to find this little article on the newsfeed on the side of this blog. It's about an "Uncle Karl" from the fashion industry giving out weight loss tips. Written by "Stavros" on the website Australian website Frillr, it showed how to shape up for the upcoming beach season. The article was short, but it really was so offensive and disgusting in three short paragraphs that it really didn't need to be any longer.

So it’s summer and you want to hit the sunny beaches but you cannot since you’re still “chubby” - you are probably feeling sad, aren’t you? Well, don’t worry anymore since uncle Karl is here to help you. The eccentric designer has finally “admitted’ what he did to get rid of his disgusting overweight problem. Even though, I know this probably isn’t the truth I would like to share it with you all since it might actually work.

Well, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld recently stated that what he did in order to loose some weight was swishing Nutella chocolate around in his mouth, and then spiting it out. Apparently his starving “hunger” was suddenly vanished, his mouth got full of candid flavors and he got all the energy needed to keep on working - and he didn't need to have a mere bite of anything.

So listen to me carefully since I’m not promoting anorexia and bulimia or any eating disorder, but if you are interested in loosing some extra weight you should definitively try this innovative diet. Because after all it’s absolutely better to be thin and slim than a total pork when it comes to fashion - face it.

Uh, is he not aware that chewing food and spitting it out is one of the criteria for an eating disorder (EDNOS)? Not promoting eating disorders...sorry but my bullshit meter is off the charts.

So Stavros, let me give YOU some advice: I don't really care what's fashionable in terms of looks. But meanness and prejudice and eating disorders are never fashionable. Not matter what you say.

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Ryanryan said...

chew/spitting definitely is a gateway to more disordered behaviors =s horrifying!

Jeanne said...

This is a horrible article!!! 8-(

I really hate when people assume that the only two EDs out there are anorexia and bulimia. Or when a person doesn't fit the stereotype for either of these.

Shape and size are not indicators of EDs. Behaviors and mindset are.

Great advice to Stavros, carrie. What a [fill in the blank obscenity] he is!!

Harriet Brown said...


Faith said...

Whatever. I just freakin hate this industry.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote that is so ignorant.

samsi77 said...

I find it absolutely amazing that someone would be so ignorant to publish such stupidity as a formal recommendation and believe that he was offering a service to people. I guess another way of looking at it is that he is wearing his pathology on his sleeve!

carrie said...


I know this all to well. Grrr.


Have you read "Live in the Thin Cage" by Constance Rhodes? It's all about EDNOS. Her website is


That sums it up.


I like *my own* fashion, not whatever people tell me I should wear. High heels are NOT comfortable and will never be in my wardrobe.


And his ignorance is compounded by the fact that he doesn't realize how much ignorance can hurt.


I think he's swishing his pathology around in his mouth and spitting it out on unknowing people.

Kirsten said...

"So it’s summer and you want to hit the sunny beaches but you cannot since you’re still “chubby” - you are probably feeling sad, aren’t you?"

Sheesh, nothing like starting off an article with dripping condescension.

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