Honey...Dinner's Ready!

Today, in honor of the beginning of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, my mom and I had a wonderful sit-down dinner together. The idea of Laura Collins and the Maudsley Parents Group, the virtual family dinner is the celebration of a simple, but powerful, family meal.

With that said, I cooked a crock-pot mac and cheese. Much better than the stuff from the box. It- I don't know- actually tasted like cheese was one of the ingredients. Then, for dessert, we went out to Coldstone for ice cream. I was so torn. When I was heavily involved in anorexia, my choice was between the "sinless" sorbet and the "sinless" sweet cream. Well, tonight my friends, I sinned. I got amaretto ice cream with Oreo cookies mixed in. May the Lord forgive me.

I never understood why eating something delicious was sinful. I realize that gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but that, to me, wasn't related to eating ice cream. It was wasting food, a continual eating to excess to display one's weath and status. That is a sin, whether it's food or not. But ice cream? If that's a sin, they may as well reserve my seat in hell now.

At least I'll have some good company.
PS- Tomorrow I shall debut the amazing, fashionable gold fork necklace.

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marcella said...

Glad you enjoyed it. We had "Kung Po Chicken" from the local Chineese Take Away - delicious. Unfortunately I'm not a good cook so I let Suzie from the shop do it for me.

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