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I wanted to tell one of my co-workers to do just that right before lunchtime, but she was probably so hungry on this crazy ass diet she's on that I was afraid she might take me up on my offer. The interesting part was that she was much more even-keeled after she got back from lunch. And while it was probably something that would have been more apt to appear in a rabbit cage, I think her blood glucose level had something to do with it.

I am very excited to be leaving this stinking hellhole of an office, but I'm also realizing that this blog might get quite boring. Don't worry- I'm sure I'll find something else to bitch about. I almost always do.

As I had arrived at my therapist's office early yesterday, and I had forgotten suitable reading material, I picked up a copy of the latest Good Housekeeping magazine. This month's issue featured the very lovely Kate Winslet, who is known far and wide (well, maybe not so far or quite so wide) for her positive body image. I was, however, stopped in my tracks when I saw another one of the headlines: The No-Hunger Diet.

Well no kidding.

I had to laugh. Is this how messed up our society has gotten? Accept your body as it is! Lose weight! At the same time. I don't get how that's possible. In health class (I'm trying to stay off my soapbox, but we'll see) we tell kids "Don't eat fries, no cupcakes, and by the way, anorexia kills." But the whole message about the dangers of dieting and eating disorders seems to get lost in the obesity fears and hype. It would also be nice if those who were educating our children about eating disorders were also using the correct information: anorexia has a very strong genetic link.

It's not about being thin, you numnuts.

But it can start out as an innocent diet, or as an attempt to eat healthier and exercise more (me!) as an attempt to ward off obesity fears, or be less depressed. And the anti-depression, anti-anxiety effects stay around just long enough to convince us that we will be happy and serene once we get down to a lower weight.

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mary said...

I have a hunch you'll find lots of interesting stuff to talk about after you leave those poor dieters alone to their hunger. Maybe you'll begin a new blog if it suits you better. Wasn't it you who came up with that fabulous list of questions of more interesting things to think about? Sometimes life is dull...other times it's an adventure. All in our perception I suppose.
thanks for the laugh today.



I think I had a little fairy godmother prompting me with my fearless comments. Or maybe it was hormones... :)

mary said...

Hormones are good! They are a lot like weather. Just when you think you can't go on along comes a beautiful day to make it all worth it.
Me, I never get cranky.

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