A moment to breathe

I finally feel I have a moment to breathe.  I've been so busy the past few weeks that I really haven't gotten to just sit back and take a breath.  The upside is that I really do love my job, and so extra work isn't always a bad thing.  But I've been generally feeling stressed and utterly exhausted.  I usually wake up in the morning and feel ready to head right back to bed.

The ongoing insomnia isn't helping anything, either.

Still, I'm exhausted. 

I know I need to regroup for a bit, in order to face the next round of work, and the next round of recovery work.  I've written before that my work is a huge motivator for me in recovery.  For one, it gives my brain something to think about besides weight and calories.  And my identity is very tied up in what I do, so it gives me something positive with which to affiliate myself.

Because of this, and the fact that I work from home, makes it very easy to overwork myself.  Overwork isn't really any better than overexercise, and I'm psychologically and behaviorally prone to both. The other factor is financial--I had a couple of slow months earlier this year, and I can't afford more of that.  So I have anxiety driving me both to keep up financially and also to prove myself as a legitimate science writer.

I have plenty I need to do tomorrow, but I am also making a conscious effort not to overdo it.  To relax with TV show reruns in the evening and crochet, or read, or play with my cat.

So, yes.  Breathing.  Breathing is good.  I can't work if I burn out, and so working less now will let me do more later.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

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hm said...

Yes- breathe! If you can handle sitting still long enough, try some alternate nostril breathing. (Look it up or ask me.) It is a yoga technique that brings balance to the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and to your person as a whole. Even a few short minutes of it is incredibly good for you both psychologically and physically.

Like rubbing lotion on dry skin- the mind needs soothing as well. Yes to tv- yes to relaxing- but if you can, also try to say yes to some moments of quiet.

Sending you love.

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