Sunday Smörgåsbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for the latest in ED-related news, research, and more, so you don't have to.

Ways the Reward and Planning System Can Go Wrong - Part 1.

Eating Disorders: A Fish Story.

Finding Your Destination on the Road to Recovery.

Small Steps You Can Take To Feel Better Now.

Dopamine Release Fuels Anxiety in Brains of Anorexics.

New Antidepressant Targets Body Clock. It's an interesting approach to fighting the symptoms of depression. This chronic insomniac is certainly interested!

Weight-Loss Blog Title Generator.

Many teens with eating disorders lack access to care.

New genetics findings challenge ideas about mental illness.

Looking to find good, recovery-oriented and non-triggering ED websites? PJ tells you how to do this.

7 Signs Your Gremlin is in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life.

Depression, Mood Disorders May Be Due To Gut Problems Early In Life.

Group cognitive remediation therapy for adolescents with anorexia nervosa.

The importance of eating behavior in eating disorders.

People with bulimia have highest rates of novelty-seeking of major psychiatric disorders; people with anorexia have highest rates of persistence.

Measuring state trait properties of detail processing and global integration ability in eating disorders.

How to deal with sociocultural pressures in daily life: reflections of adolescent girls suffering from eating disorders.

The May/June 2011 issue of European Eating Disorders Review is a special issue on compulsive exercise.

FBT in the Real World.

Leptin as a Neuroactive Agent.

Binge eating proneness emerges during puberty in female rats: A longitudinal study.

Body size estimation in early adolescence: Factors associated with perceptual accuracy in a nonclinical sample.

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Anonymous said...

this seems so fitting for the Sunday Smorgasbord. i could hardly believe the weight loss blog generator title so i went there and got this title---Fatty Princess Melts---now in MY world this would equate to Anorexic Princess Dies. i'm seriously considering writing this woman but i have doubts it would matter. geez us!

kazehana said...

Some of these articles are exactly what I need right now in terms of keeping my own recovery on track. Thanks for all your net trolling efforts! Much appreciated.


Cathy (UK) said...

Thanks for finding these Carrie :)

In regard to the article in SA "New Genetics Findings Challenge Ideas About Mental Illness" - the most interesting component of that article is the discussion in the comments section - which broadly relates to the ethics and application of research findings.

I was turned off by the title of the qualitative paper "How to deal with sociocultural pressures in daily life..." but I was pleasantly surprised when I read the full paper. It's an interesting paper.

Finally, I actually enjoyed the "Weight-Loss Blog Title Generator". It made me laugh :D

Anonymous said...

ugh, i can't stand psychology today.

Anonymous said...

Last Monday you posted a link to a survey. Can you post a bit about it - where did it come from? Will you have access to the results? When? Who will use the data and how? Thanks.

Incredible Eating Anorexics said...

hehe the blog title generator made me giggle. thank you for that, and the other interesting links. x

Katie said...

That weightloss blog generator was too funny. I am thinking of renaming myself "diva of booty" now!

Ooh, I am a bit stung by one of the points on PJ's blog post, which was that anyone saying they recovered without doctors should be avoided. I have a section on my blog which is actually named DIY recovery. It's not there to rub the fact that I recovered without the help of an ED in people's faces, it's because sometimes - for financial reasons, or because people live in remote areas, or because someone has been labelled chronic - people can't access the support they need, and I want them to know that the situation isn't hopeless if they can't get a good team. I would never advocate that someone do it alone if they have a choice in the matter, it's just unavoidable sometimes, not everyone is lucky enough to get good treatment. So I hope I'm not being judged there. Oh look at me, I'm actually shaking, I can't stand the idea that people are thinking bad things about me! Oversensitive much?

I was interested in the article on the link between earlier gut problems and mood disorders. I had an undiagnosed milk allergy which caused me a lot of pain as a baby, and the idea that this was the cause for my mental health issues has been floated by several different psychiatrists. Good stuff!

Katie said...

Oh for goodness sake. I meant to say "recovered without the help of an ED specialist". Ugh, my brain is just not working this evening!

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