What We're (Not) Eating

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What We're (Not) Eating.

In reality, the health kick fits the eating disorder mentality perfectly. For some reason, it seems to be important to some people with eating disorders that the food restriction is socially sanctioned. After all, we are people who generally place a premium on the opinions of others. So we use or concoct schemes by which others will give us a good, solid pat on the back while we starve, binge, and purge.

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Anonymous said...

the link doesn't work =( so sad!

lisa said...

Carrie, I read this article, I thought it was yours but it was written by anonymous...well done!

Breteni said...

I cannot get the link to work either.. super frowny face :(

Breteni said...

I cannot get the link to work either.. super frowny face :(

Cathy (UK) said...

Every time I click on any link to Psychology Today my super-efficient anti-virus blocks the site because of malware/spyware. I think Psychology Today web site may have been contaminated.

Anonymous said...

I typed in "what we're not eating" in the search box and the article was the third one up.

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