Sunday Smorgasbord

I have searched the web so that you don't have to, finding everything related (and not-so-related) to eating disorders from this past week.

Anorexia and Today's Society

Great recovery quotes

Self-Fulfilling Fakery: Feigning Mental Illness Is a Form of Self-Deception

The Science Behind "Having a Bad Day" (and How to Solve It)

Food-Related Aromas Trigger Brain's Reward Circuits During Hunger

Children of mothers who use food for soothing emotions eat more sweet foods in the absence of hunger

Vitamin Water (Coca-Cola) health claims' lawsuit goes to court

“I Know What I need to do BUT…”

The Willpower Paradox

The Best Neuroscience Study Guide Ever (Because It Has Cats!)

What does uncertainty mean to women with anorexia nervosa? An interpretative phenomenological analysis.

The use of a vodcast to support eating and reduce anxiety in people with eating disorder

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Cathy (UK) said...

Wow, I am really impressed with the study: "What does uncertainty mean to women with anorexia nervosa? An interpretative phenomenological analysis". I downloaded the whole paper and it's very interesting. I certainly 'used' anorexic behaviours to cope with uncertainty and to instill a (rather illusory) sense of control in my life.

What I also like about this paper is that the data aren't based upon questionnaires, but interviews with participants of research studies. I much prefer qualitative over quantitative studies when exploring participants' (patients') thoughts and feelings - because the researchers aren't looking for specific, directed answers, but rather, they are allowing the participants to speak their mind.

Oh, and I love the "The best neuroscience study ever" :D

Carrie Arnold said...


Could you email me the pdf of the paper? I was unable to download it (my university doesn't subscribe to the journal, meaning I can't access it through my alumni account).

I agree that qualitative studies are amazingly useful, especially in this context.

Cathy (UK) said...

Sent you the pdf to your EDbites e-mail address...

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