How diet books should really end...

I've never really read a weight-loss book, but I gather that the last chapter is all rah-rah, enjoy your new fantastic and skinny self, and your smaller ass will magically solve all of your life's problems.

The webcomic Toothpaste for Dinner has a great version of how a diet book really should end:

Thanks to the anonymous person who reminded me about this fab website.


Adrianna said...

Don't forget "Be sure to gain all the weight plus five pounds and still have all your same problems and have some new medical ones."

Emily said...

Uh, so true! Diets are quick fixes with no long-term solutions. Recently, my friend wanted to go on a diet to lose weight. I talked with her about changing the way she eats but not depriving herself of foods that are satisfying. She agreed that a diet just become an obsession that would ultimately be frustrating, dissatisfying, disappointing, and impossible to maintain. Diet books confuse our society into thinking that eating is something that needs to be manipulated and tricked.


Red said...

....and disappointed in your failure to develop the "perfect" body

Dr Eric Berg said...

diet book should end in what is the goal in the book. and that is the desire to have not the perfect body but a healthy body. for me, that's how the book must end.

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