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One of my friends was having a really bad day today, and sent me an email. I didn't really know how to provide email support, so I gave her a call. We talked for about 15 minutes, and I think I helped her feel at least a little bit better. She thanked me many times for calling, and I said I was glad to.

I'm not saying this because I want a pat on the back, or even that I feel that other people need to know how I occupied 15 minutes of my day.

I'm saying this because it's such a normal thing to do: be there for a friend. It's something I wouldn't have done when I was deep into the eating disorder because I wouldn't have had the energy, and I would have been afraid that my friend would end up suggesting we go out for dinner or something. It would have been much easier to write back and say "I'm sorry life sucks right now. Let me know if I can help." Which is fine, but I know when I'm drowning in anxiety and depression, a friendly voice can really help anchor me.

We used to be best friends until the usual time and distance separated us. In the past year or so, we've once again been closer geographically and have reconnected over numerous shared interests. I'm not totally positive why she wrote me, but I'm flattered that she did, and I'm glad the ED is out of my life enough that I was able to respond as a good friend and not a caring, starving anorexic.

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Shibby said...

This is wonderful :) It's nice to know that there are people out there who will take time out of their day to make sure a friend is ok, always gives me faith in humanity when I read something like this. Thanks for sharing =)

Jess Furrow said...

I agree that friends are a huge part in recovery! But the funny thing for me is that even when i'm deep in depression and etc. I still reach out to my friends and want to know how things are going with them. I would much rather help others than help myself.

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