Things that don't suck about winter

I hate winter. First off, I hate the cold. I've never liked it, and my eating disorder history only makes my cold intolerance worse. I'm also not fond of the ice, seeing as five years ago, I slipped and fell on a patch of black ice and shattered all of the bones in my osteoporosis-riddled ankle that All the Kings' Horses and All the Kings' Men had to put back together surgically.

But the part about winter that really gets me down is the darkness. My depression tends to get worse in the winter, and I've had several meltdowns around December and January. It happens with such remarkable precision that I have to wonder. I have the little lamp that I try and sit in front of, and I'm not sure it helps, but it doesn't hurt. (Maybe it works because Aria treats it like her own personal kitty-sized tanning salon and basks in the light while it's on, which is hilarious).

However, after reading that CBT is more effective for seasonal depression than light therapy, and getting tired of the constant dread of winter, I thought I would try to find things about winter that don't suck.

1. The cold makes coffee taste better.
2. More darkness means better effects from my candles.
3. Scarves!
4. Wool socks.
5. Looking out the windows at the pretty snow.

Can anyone add to my list? I'm not looking to make winter my favorite season, but it would be nice not to start getting sad in August when I realize that all of this lovely daylight is going away.

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Lindsay said...

-Being able to wear layers.
-Awesome hats, mittens and gloves.
-Cozying up with a comforter and not worrying about being too warm.
-An excuse to have hot chocolate every evening.

Girl. said...

- layers
- nice jackets
- stockings and cute shoes
- hot drinks (milo, herbal tea, soup)
- sitting near the fire
- listening to the soothing rain while you fall asleep
- cute beanies and gloves
- heated lunches at school/work (all the best foods are hot.. pasta etc)
- snuggling in a blanket
- having an excuse to get more hugs
- watching movies while snuggling
- electric blankets
- not being too hot to sleep
- being able to go for a nice walk without getting too hot
- not having to wear bikinis!!

;) i love winter, if you can't tell! its turning summer in australia and i HATE it. :(

Lindsay from Gurze said...

Hi Carrie, this is Lindsay from Gurze Books... I haven't been on your blog in a long time, but I saw this post and had to respond. I have made it through the last few winters feeling good. Here's my list:

-I get super creative when it's dark out, so winter means more time for making crafts and writing.
-Dancing! I love to dance and winter is the best time for salsa or country dancing.
-Taking showers by candlelight
-Eating hot foods (I eat super spicy stuff in winter - it helps me with depression)
-Running in the dark. I'm weird and like to go running at night!
-Dinner parties with friends
-Coffee shops are best in winter
-I bought a salt rock lamp that I leave on when I sleep. Very cozy, like being next to a fire (get one--it is awesome).
-Making more time to call friends
-My cat will sit on my lap
-Finding the coats I "forgot" I had
-Taking baths
-Continuing to paint my toenails even though I always wear socks

Hugs to you! :)

Laurel said...

~ It makes my kids go to bed ealier!
~ Soup and Chili
~ Christmas
~ a NEW year

Unknown said...

-Snuggling with loved one
-Building snowmen
-watching wildlife play in snow
-not feeling strange for wearing long sleeved shirts in the summer because your still cold

Anonymous said...

I live in NH. So I know a bit about winter. lol

-perfect weather for learning to knit. (And this is a GREAT coping technique for managing uncomfortable feelings).

-There's something so romantic about taking a walk at night time in winter. The starts are so bright and your breath makes those clouds.

-You get to take pretty pictures outside after snowfalls.

-More time to blog, read, write letters, watch old movies.

-Staying in bed on a cold morning, nestled under blankets.

-Having a hot cup of tea while looking out the window during a snowfall. :)

Amy said...

I am not sure I have any additions, but I'm loving everyone else's. Sometimes, the best thing I can do is remind myself that winter does, in fact, end. (And bank on moving to a not so wintery state once school is done.)

Anonymous said...

I love winter ...

and everyone has hit on some of the things I love most !

I tend to think of winter as a time when people truly show that they love and care for each other ... and it means that I get to see and spend time with those I love. And there is nothing better than a warm fire, a good movie, some great coffee and those that I love.

Sarah at Journeying With Him said...

I don't know your religious beliefs, but hearing Salvation Army bell ringers sing Christmas carols as the snow falls makes winter magical for me. And I love the time with friends and family, huddled indoors at the holidays with the soft glow of the tree and the candlelight we only use at Christmas. And I love the Christmas linens, crystal, and china my mom uses. I get entertained by the gym on New Year's Day and the subsequent week before its taper down to the people who were already exercising regularly. I love looking in store windows at night during the holiday season. And cashmere scarves (not that I own one, but feeling them) make me happy it's winter too :)

Melanie S said...
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Melanie S said...

-it's not dreadfully hot out(I live in Las Vegas...110+F for months is not pleasant)
-my new winter coat is adorable
I don't think I have much more to add that others already haven't. We don't get snow here(except for freak occurrences - like last winter) And it's not cold enough to light fires.

I can already tell my depression is getting worse, as it always does at this time of year. I'm dreading when I start seeing Christmas stuff everywhere and hearing X-mas music all the time. I hate Christmas. 7 years ago, my dad had a heart attack 4 days before x-mas day. He had open heart surgery x-mas eve night and died twice during it. He, thank whatever controls these things, lived. But, since, Christmas pretty much sucks.

Tiptoe said...

Shorter days does make it more difficult to delal with depression. Though winter is not my most favorite season (I tend to like it for about 2-3 weeks, then I want it to go away).

Everyone has touched on points I like about winter as well.

The clothes for fall and winter are much more suitable for me. I'm kind of a long sleeve, sweater type of gal.

I love seeing icicles and how the snow glistens on the grass. The sun seems brighter too in the mornings on a clear day.

It's a good time to warm your feet around fireplaces.

Winter tends to bring about more of a sense of compassion in people. Whether it is due to the holidays or not, I just see that more often.

Watching my dogs runs and play in the snow is very fun for me.

I Hate to Weight said...

i don't think there's one thing i like about winter, but i'm going to try.

....i can't tell you how long i've sat here now.

still sitting. there's got to be something better than less need to shave my armpits.

well, ok, i'm sticking with that armpit thing.

Eating With Others said...

You get turn off the AC, and if get's below 68 you can turn on the heater.

The temp in the pool hit's the mid 70's most of the time, so it's a little brisk when you want to jump in after laying out in the sun.

Of course I'm from South FL.

Carrie Arnold said...

Oh my! I love this list!

I enjoy the holidays because it's always fun to pick out unusual and creative gifts for people. And I love Christmas carols.

One of my favorite looks is the t-shirt over a long-sleeve shirt, which you can't really wear in the warm weather.

I don't knit, but I do crochet, and I should probably get moving on my afghan.

Anyway, thanks again for all your suggestions!

Telstaar said...

I haven 't read all the comments but...

I love dragging a doona or soft blanket in front of a heater or sitting in my bed with the lamp on (in the middle of the day) and getting thoroughly lost in a book :)

Anonymous said...

Good excuse to bake
You can always get warm but it's hard to get cool in summer (without freezing in AC)
Cat will sleep with me, and sit with me all the time
The sky is clearer so you can see more stars
I can wear all my great boots

Angela Elain Gambrel said...

Not feeling guilty for snuggling with a blanket and a good book in the middle of the (usually) dark afternoon!

KristineM said...

-I love how clean and glisteny everything looks after a snowfall (a frequent occurence in my area).
-When I go for walks in natural areas in winter there are no annoying bugs and no sweating.
-I enjoy the wintertime meals, such as pot roast, chili and soups, that you just can't eat in the summer.
-The holidays are so fun, with the lights, decorations, gift giving and wonderful cooking smells.
-I love sleeping with the window open, even when the temperature is below freezing, and snuggling under blankets and quilts.
-And there are always Christmas Cookies. Yum.

Cille A. Pederson said...

Hi, I live in Denmark which means my winter is long, cold and wet! There have been so many good and nice inputs from the other bloggers, so I thought I would shear mine… I like winter. I like the darkness. It’s a place I can hide and it feels secure to me. It's like...

To quote Shape objects by Gillian Flynn: “Winter? No one likes winter.” ”It gets dark earlier, I like that.” “Why?” Because that means the day has ended…

Sometimes I feel like I can’t take another day in my own personal hell –and then it’s comforting that the day isn’t so long. You know?


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