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I'm lucky- I'm related to some pretty cool people (Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! Hi, Aria!). I'm also related to some douchebags, but let's focus on the positives, shall we? But I'm also lucky because I have some pretty awesome friends in my life, friends who I will miss dearly when I am back in Michigan. Friends who I didn't know before I moved to the area and now can't imagine my life without.

Today, I said a temporary farewell to my good friend L and also Laura Collins, who met my mom and I for lattes at Borders. Both L and Laura came bearing gifts, because they're cool like that. L made me a set of door hangers, two of which I've shown here:

My mom said we may as well hang the Aria one on the front door since the fuzzmuffin runs the entire house. 'Tis true.

Laura bought my mom and I some kids' books to inspire us during refeeding, and her and her family (Olympia and her son Elijah who knows me solely as Aria's mommy- the cat approves) made me my very own magic plate!

How cool is that? The lighting isn't the greatest but I didn't have time to fuss with my camera settings and my photo editor.

I'm really going to miss my two L friends. Getting back to them and the shreds of a life I had been building before the AN--that house of cards called "recovery"--came crashing down on me is one of my goals at this point.

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Special K said...

As others support you, you support others...thank you for your strength is made perfect in weakness

Libby said...

It will be hard, but you will do great. I know you can. I know you will. xoxoxo

A:) said...

Aww Carrie -- thats fantastic. You are so brave going to face this a second time. You have so much support. You can do this.


Kim said...

Thinking of you! I love all the gifts you got -- so cute! You are really loved.

Laura Collins said...

Special K is right: it is a gift to be allowed to care. We are pack animals at heart.

(Except for Aria. She's royalty and stands alone.)

Becca said...

good luck, we'll be here, following your journey. Thank the stars for your mom and dad and Aria, huh? You can do this.

mary said...

What a wonderful gift...magic plate and the door hangers!
You can do this Carrie. It's not just the outside support but the inner strength you have yet to really tap into. Get good and mad at ED for what it takes, from you and others, and fight like you are going to win. You can!

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