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Today was the final installment of a four-part essay series from the Minnesota Daily on one woman's journey of recovery from anorexia. I found it amazingly well-written and incredibly honest.

You can read the four parts here:

Part One: My return from hell
Part Two: Seeking respite from my mind
Part Three: When you break
Part Four: Hope after an eating disorder

Please share: what are your thoughts on these essays? Do they describe how you felt and what you went through?

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Cassie said...

Those articles are pretty amazing. I always find it strange that so many of us going through this journey have similar events and attitudes about it. Recovery is hard. I've been struggling for a few years now. Only this year have I decided to get serious about it. Some days are easy and fun- other days I want my old clothes to fit. I want people to tell me how skinny I look. Thank you for having a blog that is so inspirational. Your posts keep me going and I'm constantly learning things.

Laura Collins said...

Wonderful, WONDERFUL writing.

Of course I want everything written to say "biology" and "brain disorder" and "NOT YOUR FAULT" - so the message worried me.

But this is a writer I could keep reading!

Carrie Arnold said...

Yet I did find these essays remarkably free of pointless psychobabble.

The author does just totally suck you in- and maybe it's because our histories are so similar, but I was hooked.

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