Cheap Thrills

The silly things that made me laugh and kept me sane today:

The adventures of Candy and Milo:

Seeing the bodybuilder dude in the gym doing his workout while listening to Enya's greatest hits.

Waking up with Aria next to me on the pillow.

Getting the Indexed book in the mail.

Imagining my thesis being written as Mad Libs instead of the standard way. Like, instead of asking scientists "So why has Aedes albopictus been able to successfully establish itself on six of the seven continents?" ask them "Okay, I need a noun, verb, adjective, verb, adverb, noun, adjective, place." And then have a thesis that says "The squishy virus barked its way around Antarctica in a heavy airplane." Much more entertaining.

Everything else in my life is driving me batty. These cheap thrills keep me (semi) sane.

Anyone else have some cheap thrills?

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Libby said...

*giggles at the madlibs*

If you can consider $20 cheap, I finally decided that I'd try my hand at beading... and I went out and bought some stuff last night and made myself two pair of earrings... and have plenty more stuff to experiment with tonight! That and my bubble bath last night were my sanity.

(Ohhh... and also I might have been watching "Celebrity Rehab" with Dr. Drew on VH1... *ahem*... not that I'd admit to that... or anything... *giggle*)

Sarah said...

television without pity. hilarious! and free.

Lucy said...

Mad Libs is excellent!

These are two of my favourite funny/random things:

carrie said...


I'm a beading fanatic. You can see my Etsy shop (Frenchroast Designs) where I sell my stuff to try and make back some of the wads of cash I spend in supplies.


Nothing tops daytime TV. Some of my fondest memories were of staying home sick, wrapped up on the couch like a burrito, sipping ginger ale, and watching Hollywood Squares and the Price is Right. I'm still fond of Cops. :)


Thanks for that. I have an online minigolf course that I like to play. I'm at the library, but I'll post the link when I get back to my laptop.


Sarah said...

sorry I meant the website! but I definitely agree with you. I still follow Days of Our Lives.

carrie said...

Shows you how with it I am these days...

Though the site does look funny.

samsi77 said...

My new cheap thrills mindless entertainment is playing the bubbles game on my new cell phone, gotta admit, it can be addictive!

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