Cat in a Candy Store

Although the weather is still bitter cold here, spring is grudgingly on its way. And with spring comes pigeons. And with pigeons comes one very happy kitty.

I have a little balcony out the back of my apartment, and because I'm up so high, pigeons like to lounge on the railing. I'm not all too thrilled about this, as pigeons tend to poop as they lounge, but Aria loves their visits. Today, the little dear got quite a treat. Not only is it the start of pigeon season, there were two birds on the balcony.

Two birds.

I'm kind of glad at this point that my windows aren't all that clean because I thought Aria might just try to charge through the glass- and then I would have my own smooshy faced cat. Her tail swished back and forth like it was on a mission. She crouched down and stalked those little birds for about half an hour. Her gaze darted from bird to bird, as if she couldn't decide which one she wanted more. It was like watching a kid in a candy store.

At the end of the half hour, after the birds had flown away (and they didn't even say goodbye to their new friend, the brats), Aria decided she wanted to see if there were any more pigeons coming to visit.

So she climbed up on the top of her scratching post for a better look. It was like Kung Fu Kitty. I managed to snap two pictures with my cell phone before she jumped down. They're pretty small, but you get the idea.

I hope Aria gets more visitors, and I hope the pigeons realize how lucky they are to have a nice piece of glass between them and the cat.

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samsi77 said...

AWWWWW how sweet, such the social and curious young kitty she is too!

Sarah said...

That is awesome! My cats are avid bird watchers -- I put a feeder on my little deck to attract the birds, and I think I've gotten as much enjoyment out of it as my cats have.

Tracey said...


This is too cute! I think you're going to now have to write about Aria and the feline adventures!


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