Traveling Again

After several days off in the wild, I'm now back in civilization.

Sort of.

Civilization does not include (in my mind) middle aged backpackers asking me to dance at a bar and not taking my no for an answer. Especially when my no was "But you don't have any teeth!" Seriously.

I did take a swim in a glacial fed river this afternoon on one of my activities, even if it wasn't planned. Actually, it wasn't even intentional. But that's what a wetsuit is for.

The burn on my neck is much better. It looks far worse, as it's peeling, and it almost appears that I have some sort of flesh rotting disease. On the other hand, I now toasted myself on my arms and nose. I applied sunscreen (SPF 30) twice. But the whole thing about the thinning ozone layer? It's true. All true.

Everyone is out partying tonight. I'm not. For one, I'm tired and wavering on getting a cold. Mainly, though, the idea of going out is revolting. I don't really drink, for several reasons. The seizures are a main one, and the one I cite. The real reason, though, is that alcohol has calories and costs a lot of money. That's one of my ED rules still left. Thou shalt not drink things with calories. Milk is fine, as are milkshakes, etc. But not juice and not booze.

I will be making an exception to orange juice tomorrow to keep myself pumped full of vitamin C.

One guy asked me what bars in America were like, and I just shrugged. I don't go to bars. I hate smoke, and I hate noise. I don't mind live music nights that happen to be in bars, but just going to a bar? No thanks. He didn't understand that. It helped me to realize that he was an ass, pure and simple.

Enough whining.

The daytime on the trip has been fabulous. I did that river thing today, and I also went kayaking in the ocean. Fun fun. Tomorrow I'm taking a guided walk through one of the nearby national parks. And after I sign off here, I'm jumping in a cold shower (it was 90 yesterday and NO A/C!) and going to bed.

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Dreaming again said...

Never thought of my refusal to drink juice as an ED rule.

It is ... I just never really thought of it that way.

The booze I knew ... and with my health it's a good one. But never realized I'd put pop, juice, koolaid (regular) and other such things in that category.

Milk, for me, is also ok, because it's a protien. Weird.

marcella said...

I suppose even ED rules don't ALWAYS just have bad consequences. Bars are nasty noisy smokey places and a rest sounds a much better idea. Me, I'm off to bed to read my complimentary copy of your book - thank you.

A :) said...

I also had trouble with this.

I really rather EAT my calories if that sounds funny from someone recovering from AN. . .

I still find it hard, and often don't incorporate juice or milk into my diet. I rather have fruit or yogurt. . .

Hope said...

Your daytime adventures there sound like an awful lot of fun.

I agree with Marcella. I think you made the right choice going with some rest for your slightly "beat-up" body. All the better to be ready for your next adventure challenge.

Have fun...sending lotsa hugs!!!

mary said...
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mary said...


Glad you are having fun Carrie! The "wild" sounds like it was wonderful. And that you chose yourself over going along with the group.
I tried and hated bars years back. I guess it's one of those scenes I'll never fit in. In fact most people don't fit in or they wouldn't need a drink to be there. It would seem to be an awful way to soak in a great life experience, being in NZ.

Keep enjoying for us Carrie! I love that you are taking this break.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you're having fun!


samsi77 said...

I hope that you get a good nights rest, it sounds like your days are packed full of adventure, some planned and others not! I give you a lot of credit, you are very brave! Enjoy the adventures and way to go with using your own "Wise Mind" too!

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