Hello from NZ!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Yep, I'm here. I couldn't stay away for long.

Ms Em- Qantas is as lovely as we thought it might be. Send me your snail mail address- I bought you a small souvenir- I couldn't resist.

The weather here is hot hot hot. It's 75-80, and I burnt my face and neck. I had to cough up $13 for some sunblock and aloe gel.

I won't be able to post photos while I'm here. None of the computers I've seen have a place to put in my camera chip, and I didn't bring the wire. Oh well. I'll do something when I get back. I'll post a notice here and you can just email me if you want the link.

I'll probably be back in a few days.

Happy New Year!

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Dreaming again said...

Have fun!

That kitty picture is absolutely adorable!

My cats would be fighting over the box. Definitely, the box.

Sarah said...

Have fun! Happy New Year!


mary said...

75-80 sounds perrrfect! I wish. I'm due to get some of that wicked near 0 temps here on Thurs.
Have fun, enjoy the break, and oh, eat well! nag nag nag, I know...just do it! /********

Anonymous said...

Have a great time, and enjoy that warm weather!

Harriet said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself, Carrie.

samsi77 said...

I am so glad you arrived safe and sound. I hope you are having an AMAZING TIME!!!!!!

Tiptoe said...

Carrie, hope you have a great trip! Ahh, I'd love to be in NZ right now!

pinksparkle said...

fab blog xx

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