There *is* such a thing as a free lunch

No, really. There is.

If you're a dog sitting next to an eating disordered person hiding food? Free lunch.

If you're a kea bird sitting next to my plate at a tea room that snatches my half eaten pie the second I set my fork down.

I chased that little bastard halfway down the street, demanding that he give that BACK! But no. Damn thing didn't listen. He just jumped right on the picnic table where I was sitting and picked it up in his mangy beak and ran off with it. And the pie (cranberry, chicken and brie) was heavy- there was still half left!

Bloody birds.

::shakes head::

My cold has now turned into bronchitis, which means everyone within a one-mile radius knows where I'm located. I have an asthmatic cough and sound a bit...tubercular. And I would know.

Everyone is out partying. I couldn't face another night of throbbing music and drunken antics, so I'm back at the hotel coughing up a fortune to log onto the internet for a few minutes. It's total sensory overload for me. My brain just can't stand it. Call me uptight, but I can't just jump up on the bar and line dance with the other girls. Screw that it's just for fun, and our trip's theme song was playing. I just...can't. I don't know.

Well, I do know. I know my brain isn't like everyone else's. Yeah yeah, I'm unique. Just like everyone else. But that stuff isn't fun for me. I like tame fun. Like blogging. Drinking coffee. Reading. Long chats. Kitty cats. Etc.

Here's another interesting thing I realized about my brain functioning. For starters, that I have brain functioning! But a lot of my tourmates were doing bungy jumping, skydiving, and other activities that cost heaps of money that would have to be paid to ME before I would consider doing it. I get an adrenaline rush from walking across the street, fretting that a car is going to hit me, that I'm going to get mugged.* Real live (tame real life) is more than enough "rush" for me- which is why I limited my food intake, regimented everything. No surprises, no adrenaline. Bingo.

I wish I had an easier time accepting that, and that society was, as a rule, kinder to tame folks like me.

Running out of time! Bye!

*I really do think that an overactive imagination is central to an anxiety disorder. There has to be a significant amount of creativity in imagining all of these scenarios.

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samsi77 said...

Hey definate progress, you chased after the damm bird to get your pie back lol. I am sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I support you in evaluating your adventurous (sp?) side in comparison to yourself not others; I admire your courage to take on the challenge of that journey/trip and hope that you get a chance to enjoy yourself which is not the same as endangering your life lol

mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mary said...

Hey Carrie,

That bird story sounds a bit like "the dog ate my homework" but it will have to do. (sure it did...and they can fly too...oh yeah..they can)
It's ok to let those that dance dance and yourself to read and write and enjoy the stuff you like.
To thine own self be true!
Take it slow but do enjoy the rest of your break. Perhaps your body is telling you to take it easy and sit down somewhere nice and write. I kept a full journal going on my big trip a couple years back and today it's a great memory refresher and it takes me right back there when I read it again.
Also, I'd say your slip into a pool counts as more than a bungy jump!
Hope you've got something warm to soothe your cough. Take care!
Oh, and don't ask about the deleted post. Why can't I edit after I flub up and post?

Tiptoe said...

Yes, birds and dogs can be notorious for stealing food items! I know quite a few talented dogs who have stolen people's lunches literally right off the fork!

Sorry to hear about the bronchitis. That can definitely leave a damper on things.

As for being adventurous, I guess I'm another odd one as any type of loud partying,clubbing, drinking, etc. makes me shrivel. So we are out there. I think we like to hide sometimes. :-)

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