Last day

Yep- this is my last day in New Zealand. Tomorrow, I travel back to Auckland and then fly out in the afternoon. I get back at 5:30 in the morning on Friday.

I'm enjoying my last few days- I go kayaking this afternoon, and then we're taking a ferry to a nearby island resort town for a fish and chips dinner.

I think the problem I'm having with feeling so out of sorts with everyone is that I wish I were more like them. I want to enjoy going out with people, and I don't always like that I would rather stay in. Okay, sometimes I do, and it's certainly cheaper- which is a large factor with me. The amount of money some of my tourmates spend on booze is astonishing. I would rather take an extra day trip or buy a nice souveneir.

In spite of the fact that my trip was quite enjoyable, I will be very glad to get back home and back to my routine. I don't like being in a different place each night all that much. The schedule is grueling, though it is a good way to see as much of the country as possible. I always thought I would love to be a world traveler. I have since revised that plan. It does sound like fun. On paper. In reality, I like being at home with family and cats.

Anyway, my time is about to run out on my internet, so I'm going to sign off. The next time you hear from me, I'll be back in the States.

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mary said...

Hope that you have enough good memories to over shadow any frustrations. 3 weeks is certainly a long time to be away.
Look forward to hearing how it all went and seeing some photos./*****

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip back!

Libby said...

I can totally relate to what you're feeling about your tour-mates. That just really struck a chord with me.

Have a safe trip back!

Libby in DC

A :) said...

I cannot believe it's been three weeks!

I've missed the updates on your blog. I'm happy you've had a good trip, even if some of it was prickly!

Also looking forward to seeing pictures!

A :)

Hope said...

It's great that you got to do and see so many wonderful things. I'm glad that, for the most part, your "trip was quite enjoyable".

Your family and cat will be glad to have you home. But, 5:30 in the morning? Oyyyy!!

Looking forward to lots of tales and photos.

Safe Journey!!!

Sarah said...

safe travels!


Tracey said...

Three weeks- heavens! But what a wonderful experience for you- and I'm sure there are so many beautiful and amazing memories you will have to share once back.

Happy Trails and Best Wishes


Lucy said...

I think that you are a fun person. You are very easy to be around, very funny and intelligent. You don't give yourself enough credit. You don't have to be like others because you are great the way you are.

Emily said...

Oh but just know that there are so many people like you! Its not even that I don't like being around people socially, its not the things that get SAID, its the things that don't. Sometimes its just too hard to play the game, that doesn't make you bad!

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