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So here I am, driving back to Baltimore, when my cell phone rings. I had half a mind not to pick it up, as I was driving. Then I looked who was calling: management at my apartment.

Oh, crap.

I picked it up. The conversation went as follows (my unvoiced thoughts are in italics):

Management: Um, hi? Is this Carrie?

Carrie: Yes. (Oh crap oh crap oh crap- this can't be good.)

M: Have you been away?

C: Yes. (This has got to be REALLY bad.)

M: Well, we were going to change the air filters and maintenance found a leak. In your ceiling.

C: Oh? Like where in the ceiling?

M: In the living area. Over the sofa.


M: And part of the ceiling fell in.

C: Excuse me? (Excuse me?)

M: The, um, ceiling fell in. But maintenance is fixing it!

C: Will they be done today? (They damn well better be done today!)

M: We don't know yet.

C: Do you have any idea?

M: We'll keep you updated.

C: Thanks for calling. (Well, not really, but whatever.)

Now, when management said part of the ceiling fell in, I was expecting a small little piece of ceiling, a little bit of plaster, and a few dribbles of water. Maybe more than a few dribbles of water, but still.

But see, with my life, I should have known that this wasn't going to be a small chunk of ceiling.

It's about 5 feet by 8 feet. The couch is basically ruined. Ditto for the nice area rug.


I could be sick. I could really be sick.

But I really need to get to sleep.

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mary said...

Well, the good news is your bed was saved so you could get some sleep.
I imagine the landlord will help out replacing the stuff that got ruined. Sorry if you really liked it. Try to remember, it's only stuff. Really, that's all it was. You are safe! Yeah!
Hope you find something better and it gets delivered so you don't have to do more than shop and choose. /*

Libby said...

Yikes! What a nightmare! I'm sure that renters insurance (or hopefully your landlord's insurance!) will help cover the costs. But damn... so not fun to deal with. I hope you got some good sleep!

Libby in DC

Sarah said...

oh NO. I'm sorry babe! yuck, yuck, yuck.

disordered girl said...

Oh noes... that really sucks!! The landlord should deffo help you out replacing it!

Anonymous said...

Aw, that really sucks. Not the best way to come home, I'm sure.

carrie said...

Couch is not yet ruined. They're paying to have it and the area rug cleaned. They were quite releaved that I wasn't ranting and raving (I'm not sleep deprived enough to get to that point) nor demanding all new furniture, so they even offered to pay. I was quite astounded at how easy it was.

It's all about DEAR MAN. Those of you who know DBT will understand that reference.

Now it's just living with the smell of the caulk, and finding Aria a new place to sleep- she loved the couch.

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