So glad I could help...

Obviously, I'm not the world's most normal person. So when I started to look how people found my blog, I was intrigued. Then amused.

So here I am, sharing some of your queries* for your viewing pleasure. I'm glad I could help you with your questions.

Google Images: Cat Pills

Google Search: Infectious Disease Lessons

Google Search: Lose Weight to Step on Scale

Google Search: Big Fat Loser

Google Search: Use of leeches to lose weight

Google Search: Best Anorexic

Google Search: Fat Acceptance

Google Search: Bulimia lose weight fast

Google Search: What kind of shirts should a girl with broad shoulders wear?

Google Search: Bad gas after laxative abuse

Google Search: Oily discharge from rectum

*The most common search was "ED Bites" but that's not all that funny.

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Dreaming again said...

that last one ... almost made me spew my tea ....

disordered girl said...

Hee hee.. the favorite two I get on my blog are:

"truck stop gym"


"barium drink calories"

Tracey said...

Yuck! "Oily discharge from rectum" and "Cat Pills"... hmmm.

Welcome Home Carrie! Hope your apartment is back to some decency?


samsi77 said...

Carrie that is hilarious! Hope you are getting back into the swing of things, looking forward to seeing pictures! Please check out comment I made at: :
Someone in need of a smooshy face award!

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