Bad Fur Day

This is a sponsored message from Aria (my kitty):

We all have 'em. Those days when our fur sticks out every which way, and we can't get those wayward wads back into place with our tongues.

It sucks being a girlkitty sometimes.

Now, however, there's a product made just for us. Something that will allow us to stalk our favorite alleys with our heads held high. These things are:

These wigs come in a wide variety of colors- from blue to pink to silver to blonde.

The cat they found to model the silver and blonde wigs is obviously of superior breeding. She looks a lot like me. I am on the left, the wannabe me is on the right:

Now, Mom- aren't you going to let me sign on with Fordcat Models? I promise I'll eat...

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Jeanne said...

Aria - the feline Veronica Lake!


Thank you for the smile!

thinking of you,

Sarah said...

that is hilarious!

Aria is so beauteous. I need to get some kitty pix on my blog.

Dreaming again said...

My Twitch would make the perfect male kitty model! Do they have tail wigs?


carrie said...


And dang does she know it!


See above. :)
I know- I think she's the prettiest cat ever. But I know I'm biased.


Well, if Twitch wanted to cross dress... Hehe. Maybe they need a line of toupees. I think there's a market. So the older male cats can attract young vixen kitties.


samsi77 said...

Now reading this blog entry made my day, thank you Carrie and Aria!

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