I got me some smart readers!

I plugged this blog into a Blog Readability site and all of you who read this blog are pretty damn smart!


Who needs college- you have ED Bites!

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Sarah said...

hmm. . . mine is "high school." I think that's a pretty fair reflection of my emotional age actually!!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Carrie.


mary said...

I will not compete! Hah

And I will probably find myself eating at the children's table tomorrow, and for the rest of the days of my life.(if I'm lucky)
Happy Thanksgiving ALL. It's a day of gratitude...food is just a bonus so whether you're doing a Charlie Brown or Queen's feast I hope you all honor yourselves by enjoying and celebrating how far you've come taking baby steps.
And now we all learned how intelligent we are too! Woo hoo!
Blessings your way

carrie said...

Although I'm beginning to wonder what effect all of those New Zealand locales with the strange long names have to do with this.

I don't think it helps that my sentences also tend to be more run-on than run-off. I correct my students about this to no end, but it's yet another area of my life in which I need to take my own advice.


Anonymous said...

Well, I always *feel* smarter after I read your blog : )

carrie said...


That has to count for something, no?

hungry for hunger said...

ahhh!!!! I'm elementary school!!!

I quote French existentialism and works of high modernism, I allude to antiquity and great historical figures. I use ridiculously obscure words. Solipsism! Perspicacity! Qua!

Apparently, all the jokes about my balls counteract such learned asides.


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