So little ol' crazy me decides that I need to do a little traveling while I'm on break during the month of January.

I'm taking all of the money I made teaching (plus a little more, for luck) and going to New Zealand for 3 weeks in January.

Uhhh...holy crap!

I worried-- still do, for that matter-- that I might get sick and have to cancel the trip, or get sick, but go and be miserable. And I suppose those two scenarios are possible. I mean, I've seen stranger. On the other hand, coughing up such a large chunk of change that I really can't spare is a good motivation to keep myself in recovery. So here goes. Some of the beautiful scenery I will get to see when I get to New Zealand.

Mount Cook

Arthur's Pass

Milford Sound

Lake Ohau

Kapati Coast

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Sarah said...

That's awesome! My parents went around that time last year. They had an amazing time and would go back in a heartbeat.

Good for you!!


marcella said...

You'll miss my dear father by a month - he's going in February. He adores it there, although I don't suppose his passion for cricket is one that you'll be sharing. enjoy

Jeanne said...

Awesome inspiration and motivation, carrie!

Woo Hoo for taking the chance!!


thinking of you,

Tash said...

Wow Carrie. If you come to Wellington let me know. That's where I live! NZ is beautiful, so beautiful and the weather should be lovely as it's our summertime.

Alexandra said...

Oh! How I envy you right now.
I had my trip for January all planned out,including itinerary worked out,and pictures saved, and maps printed and so on...and then found out last week I will have to get my ass to work on January 7th at the very latest, so I canceled everything and now I'm mopey and whiny because of that...
Oh well,I guess I can plan a vacation in the summer or early fall instead.

carrie said...


My parents' neighbors went there regularly when their daughter was living there. And he's an amateur photographer and the shots on their walls are *amazing*.


No, I don't think that's something we're going to share, especially since I don't like the game OR the bugs.


I'm having one of those "Wait, I actually am DOING this?" moments. It started when I got a few of the bills in the mail, and now I'm realizing- no, I AM really doing this.


I do believe I will be in Wellington. We're traveling from Christchurch to Aukland, so I would assume Wellington would be on our route. I'll let you know.


I'm kind of jealous of me, too. And I saw your profile- I'm from Detroit, and I spent a summer in Bayfield with the people I babysat for in high school.


em said...

OMG! I'm going to be there for 3 weeks in january too! I can't wait!


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