This has occurred to me...

I saw this photo on the "I Can Has Cheezburger" blog, and it quite personifies one of my worries of leaving my pills out...

And I'd think my cat would have that look, too.
Mmmmm, Xanax.

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Sarah said...


Willow said...

A. I love that site...

B. I think my kitties are nutty enough without getting into my Xanax

C. I haven't commented much anywhere, though I do read my favorite peeps regularly, and I wanted to tell you that your poem from a post or two back was magnifico.

D. I do want to meet you at some point now that we are in the vicinity. I would have loved to come your recent crafty fair, I love your jewels and being craftyish myslef have done some fairs and I think that would have been a rockin place to walk up and say "Hey, It's Willow" but the timing didn't work for me.

E. You Rock, whether you know it or not!! You inspire me greatly.

Anonymous said...

I laughed my ass off when I saw that photo on the Cheezburger site. One of the best in quite awhile!

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