My First Craft Fair

On Wednesday, October 10 (one week from today!) I'll be appearing in my first craft fair at the Howard County Community College outside Baltimore. It runs from 10am to 2 pm and I'll have lots of good merch with me, including a few items that aren't up on my site.

Go to the college's website or drop me an email for more information and directions. It's free to everyone, and there's going to be lots of local artisans and vendors there.

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Ryanryan said...

mememe i would love to go! =( too bad it's a plane flight away, haha.

have fun! =p


mary said...

Hope you have fun! Try not to knock yourself out. These events are fun but the competition, especially with jewelry, is heavy. Think of it as an educational field trip. Of course, I hope you do well!

Sarah said...

check it out people! I have an original Carrie-created necklace and every time I wear it I get so many compliments.


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