Too rich AND too ignorant

I got an email from Apple Computers last night promoting their new iMac computer. The tag line?

Before, the saying was "You can never be too rich or too thin." Now thin is equated with "power." How interesting that choice of words is. I know the ad person meant it to literally mean "powerful computer." Which is fine. I like powerful computers too. But thin=powerful.

Rich people generally are more powerful than poor people. There is such a thing as economic oppression, and it's blatant and horrific. Even in the good ol' US of A.

The "South Beach Diet." Rich people live on South Beach.

There's also a book called "Rich women don't get fat."

There is also a strong correlation between obesity levels and poverty. This probably explains many of the health risks associated with obesity. It's not obesity, you idiots. It's sub-optimal health care, stress, etc.

But thin and powerful. How many fat people do you know that are the heads of Fortune 500 companies? How many fat women? None. When you think of a female executive, do you picture a fat woman? Bet not. Even Hillary Clinton is making self-deprecating jokes about her weight, how she worries about it "just like everyone else." I know that was probably a political move to make her seem like she IS just like everyone else. But frankly, I don't want the president of our country worrying about her (or his) waistline above other, more pressing issues.

I've read quite a few books on feminist perspectives on eating disorders. While I agree that dieting is a feminist issue, I also believe in the biological basis of eating disorders. However, many people with AN feel "powerful" when they diet. Powerful that they can lose weight and so many others can't. That they can do without food. That they can exercise for so long on so few calories. Most people today think that. It's not hard to see where that idea got picked up. Don't be lazy, child- go exercise.

But anorexia divests a person of all power. You can't even feed yourself. I needed someone to step in and help do that for me. So is thin really powerful?

And yes, Steve Jobs, you can be too thin. And too powerful. And too stupid.

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Kirsten said...

"It's not obesity, you idiots. It's sub-optimal health care, stress, etc."

Nail, meet hammer.

Faith said...

Oh, I hope you send this to Mr. Jobs. What an incredibly unfortunate ad.

Jeanne said...

Don't forget French women don't get fat - many of the rich and famous flock to France...

I'm with you - I don't want the leader of this nation worrying about how s/he looks at all.

Definitely send this to Mr. Jobs - I think he needs to review his marketing department's copy a little more closely.

carrie said...


Heh. For once I hit the nail. Usually it's my thumb. ;)


Well, I grew some cajones (ones that could be so big they wouldn't come flying out my nose) and emailed this post to the folks at Apple. Maybe it will get read, maybe it won't. But I sent it. And considering it contained personal insults to Mr. Jobs, I'm hoping it increases the chances of it being read.


Nope, French women don't get fat either. I think the "Rich women" book may have been a parody, but nonetheless.


mary said...

Now that's using your powers for good, not evil, Ms. Carrie!/*

lauren said...

Amen darlin, you said it perfectly here! SO sad that you are completely right on all of it!
Think before we write STEVE!!!
xo Lauren

Anonymous said...

Right on, woman! I got the same e-mail, and as much as I love my Apple computer, I hate their new slogan.

"You can be too thin. And too powerful. And too stupid."

Seriously, forward that to their customer service reps.

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