Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yep. No longer shall I ever be 26. I am now 27.

Ayyyy-yup. The big 2-7. Late twenties.

I don't know if I feel older or younger than that. I look younger. See for yourself.

This is a photo of me snorgling Aria that is about 6 months old now:

I did celebrate me today. My parents took me out to one of those fondue restaurants, and I had my fill of cheese and chocolate- yum! I actually put on makeup. I wore a skirt, but I do that a lot in the summer.

Then, when I got home, I made myself a pot of fancy decaf coffee and put whipped cream on top.

Aria, however, was not interested in the least. She's sleeping. On the couch, thusly:

Gotta love her.

My goals for this coming year are as follows:

  • No more hospitals. None.
  • Learn how to tattle on Ed.
  • Take at least 15 min just for myself everyday. And cleaning can't count.
  • Floss more frequently.
  • Maintain my weight and eating habits.
  • Make at least one new friend. In person.
  • Smile regularly.

I always used to tell myself: this year is going to be ED-free. I'm not going to do any of the following: restrict/starve/purge/take pills/overexercise/count calories/lie to my team/etc. Then I would inevitably fail at one of them, say screw this, and go right back to doing what I was doing before. I've gotten a lot less naive and a lot more realistic about it all. Is there a chance that one of the above could happen? Well, yeah. I've seen stranger things. But I need to get a handle on it before it becomes a problem. My illness is always progressing, and I fall harder and faster with each relapse. And my entire team agrees that I might have another relapse in me, but I might not have another recovery.

Sobering, really.

So that shall be my 27th year. Here's to life!

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wading through recovery said...

aria looks a lot my newly inherited marley!

carrie said...

She's a brown tortie tabby. And the love of my life. I love to watch her just sleep. Aw...

samsi77 said...

YOU GO CARRIE! I love it! I say you are off to a great start and you have a happy and comfortable traveling companion there as well. Happy Birthday and happy 27th year to you.

Faith said...

L'chaim Carrie! To life!

Happy birthday and many more to come!


Thomas said...

Happiest of days to you (a day late)! May you have many more, each exceeding your expectations and each one better than the last.

On your goals, might I suggest one tiny little modification? "No more self inflicted hospitals." Because really, you don't want to "fail" that one if you need to go get antibiotics or something.

I'm out here cheering for you!

mary said...


Keep celebrating.
/*Of course birthday goals come true/*

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Carrie! May this be a truly magical and wonderful year for you.

I love the goals you've set out here. Fantastic!

And Aria looks exactly like my girlcat -- also a brown tortie tabby aka torbie. I'm very glad you have each other!


hungry for hunger said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Toasting you alongside my wife (her birthday's only 2 days away from yours)...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! This year *will* be better than the last because you will make it better. You have that power!

It's wonderful to put a face to the name, by the way. :)

bron said...

Happy birthday Carrie!

It has been a difficult slog, but you're getting there. You're an inspiration to the rest of us in recovery that it *is* possible, and there are others out there feeling like we do. Have a great birthday and keep on cuddling Aria - she's beautiful!
Best wishes.

marcella said...

Happy Birthday Carrie

carrie said...

Thank you for all the well wishes. I've been out and about all day and haven't had time to check and respond, but I read all of your comments, and thank you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! All best wishes for health and happiness in the coming year and beyond,

roark said...

happy birthday, carrie!

ms. em said...

happy born day, carrie!

Jeanne said...


Cheers to more realistic goals!

æ said...

happy birthday carrie--so nice to see you and your kitty.


RioIriri said...

Happy (late) birthday, Carrie :)

Laura Collins said...

I'm so behind on everything and only reading this now - Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!

Harriet Brown said...

Well I'm really behind, but I want to add my birthday wishes.

And I love your photo! You're adorable!

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