To all of my moms...

So I did the whole "Mother's Day" thing with my mom today. We're not much for holidays, but I gave her a chapbook of some of the poems I wrote over the past year and a half and Lord did the tears flow. The woman was like a freaking faucet.

It was nice, though.

But, I realized I have a host of other "moms" who have helped me over the years, and I'd like to take this time to thank them publicly for all of their support:



Jane (and her milkshake recipes!)

and last but definitely not least, my fairy godmother, Mary. /*********** <= that's my wand there.

Let the magic begin...

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mary said...

A faucet? Well done Carrie, you made your mom cry on mother's day. LOL

Thank you for your thanks and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story. /* you are part of mine too.
love, Mary/*

Katie said...

Dear Carrie,
How are you? I have been searching the internet lanscape far and wide to find you! Now that you're freaked out, I'm no stalker--perhaps you remember living in an old house at the end of a dark and foreboding hall with me--Van Vleck, Hope College, Katie Gipson? In any case, I now teach high school in Toronto, and reccommended "Running on Empty" to one of my students for her ISU (Independent Study Unit)--the final big English research project for gr.12--on eating disorders. I promised her that I would do my best to track down the author, and here you are! In any case, if you would be at all willing to communicate with my student (via email, phone, telegram, whatever), I know that she (and I!) would greatly appreciate it! Plus, I would have the advantage of getting connected to an old friend. What do you say?
Katie/gip (

Willow said...

I had a good mother's day (I was gifted with some purloined flowers out of the neighbor's yard by my mini-me) until I called my mom to wish her "HMD" and found out that she found my ED blog through a link I didn't even know existed in my gardening blog. *Sigh*

I wasn't ready to tell the parental units yet, still working up to that one. Needless to say, the timing was horrendous.

carrie said...


You are (and will be!) a huge part of my story. It is the people in my life who makes it worth the telling.

Katie (GIP!!!),

I emailed you. If you come back here and haven't received it, just leave a comment and I'll see how to fix it! You made my day!


Oh dear. That does not bode well, now, does it? Erm. I remember a number of years ago when my mom found some pills and had no idea of purging. I was like no! wait! shit! I can imagine that was kind of going on in your head.


Hang in there, 'kay?

Harriet Brown said...

I'm happy to be one of your "other mothers." We all need them. I think the ability to find them for yourself is one of the most important survival skills there is!

I lost one of my own "other mothers" six months ago. She was my mother in law, and she died of cancer at 79. I miss her every day. So thanks for the virtual hug, and for being you, and for having the courage and strength to seek out what you need.

mary said...

Harriet, So sorry for your loss. I know you'll hear her whispering over your shoulder when their are times that you most need her.

Carrie, Harriet is so right. Even I have had mom's along the way. I know my own mom has been there for others who live near her. Just as we support you I know that you support others. The circle of support is so important. When you find it cherish it!

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