100th Post- 100 Things About Me

This is my centennial post, something I never thought I would see. I never thought I would be able to stick with blogging for this long. But I did.

And I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than to share 100 interesting little tidbits about me. Some you know, some you may not.


  1. I have red hair, green eyes, and pale skin.
  2. I am not Irish.
  3. I bite my nails when I'm nervous.
  4. I'm nervous a lot.
  5. I love arts and crafts.
  6. I nearly flunked art in elementary school.
  7. Shows you what they know.
  8. I was the captain of my high school's Quiz Bowl team.
  9. Need any more confirmation I'm a geek?
  10. I almost took a quantum mechanics class because it sounded fun.
  11. I hate making decisions, but I hate not making them even more.
  12. I usually read two books at once- one fiction, one non-fiction.
  13. I once read over 1000 pages over Christmas break as a kid.
  14. I will only buy a purse if it will hold a paperback.
  15. I am teaching a college English class this fall.
  16. I have never taken a college English class.
  17. I can play (to greater or lesser degrees) 5 musical instruments.
  18. Piano, viola, voice, recorder, and bohdran.
  19. I cannot write without music and Diet Coke.
  20. Don't ask. I don't know either.
  21. White chocolate is not chocolate and I will not change my mind on that.
  22. My hair is the almost same color as my kitty's fur.
  23. I also inherited my green eyes from her.
  24. I have not missed a single episode of this season's Grey's Anatomy.
  25. It's my only vice.
  26. I also like to watch Jeopardy, but don't tell anyone.
  27. My favorite drink is the Green Tea Latte at Starbucks.
  28. And Diet Coke.
  29. Old habits die hard.
  30. My cat prefers toilet water.
  31. I've asked her about this but she doesn't respond.
  32. I bought a full bed because my at was such a bed hog.
  33. She's still a bed hog.
  34. Mornings are evil.
  35. Unless you get to sleep through them.
  36. I was so tired once in college that I fell asleep walking to class.
  37. In a snowdrift.
  38. I can sleep on command, except at night.
  39. I don't get it either.
  40. If napping were an Olympic Sport, I'd win the silver medal.
  41. My cat would get the gold.
  42. She's trying to sleep on the keyboard right now.
  43. It's a good thing she's so cute.
  44. My first therapist told me that I just needed to get laid to cure my AN.
  45. I can't believe I stayed with her for four years.
  46. This is the first time I can honestly say I'm doing well in recovery.
  47. I still screw up a lot.
  48. I'm hoping to make this year hospital-free.
  49. Insurance companies suck.
  50. That's another whole list.
  51. I once wore a bathrobe on a city bus.
  52. I was going to a Harry Potter costume party.
  53. I was dressed as Harry in his Quidditch robes.
  54. I won the contest.
  55. The months I was in Scotland in the fall of 2000 was the last time I remember being happy.
  56. That's sad, isn't it?
  57. I've almost gotten used to being depressed.
  58. It does get better.
  59. The years, months, and days between my brother and I is exactly the same as between my dad and his sister.
  60. I look and behave exactly like my mom's sister.
  61. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad.
  62. I keep a shoebox full of re-gift gifts.
  63. I don't see a problem with this.
  64. You, of course, will never receive one of these.
  65. Unless I forget your birthday/anniversary/other event.
  66. I would always snoop in my Christmas presents as a girl.
  67. I only got caught once.
  68. My brother confessed.
  69. I've never forgiven him for that.
  70. He also told me there was no Santa when I was five.
  71. This is a boy with issues.
  72. I'm beginning to run out of interesting tidbits.
  73. My hair is wavy and likes to stick out.
  74. I cut it really short.
  75. I tried growing it out but managed to cultivate the cocker spaniel look.
  76. So I cut it off again.
  77. I have a phobia of curling irons.
  78. I do not own a hair dryer.
  79. I do, however, own a wide variety of mousses and hair gels.
  80. I collect stuffed moose.
  81. I have almost 20 right now.
  82. It started with my former roommate who owned a dog named Moose.
  83. I miss that dog.
  84. I sleep with a stuffed animal every night.
  85. I feel bad that I don't sleep with the other little critters so I rotate them out.
  86. Compulsive? Who, me?
  87. I've struggled with OCD as a child, depression as a teen, and anorexia in college and beyond.
  88. It's a shitty combination.
  89. I try to think of my favorite book but I can't.
  90. There's just too many.
  91. I almost always have 10+ books checked out from the library.
  92. They offered me my first job.
  93. The only time I got in trouble was when I was caught reading the books I was supposed to be shelving.
  94. They were interesting- what can I say?
  95. I also got talked to about my hand-washing habits.
  96. I don't remember what I said, but they left me alone.
  97. I'm regretting that.
  98. I'm trying to stay awake.
  99. I should go get some coffee.
  100. I'm done.

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Lindsey said...

ROFLOL!!! this is great! Made my day!!!

Haha! You're the best, Carrie!! Hope you have a swell day!

(toddling away, laughing... I can so relate to reading 1000 pages over Christmas break. haha...! Just don't ask about my summers!) ;-)


carrie said...

Reading your latest blog post- you remind me very much of me. In a good way. ;)

Keep plugging away my dear.

And no, you don't want to hear about my summers either. Although I did polish off over 75 books during my residential treatment of 7 months.

mary said...

Great list Carrie!
I never realized what pests cats can be till at 4 am our little house guest let out a MEOW telling us to wake up and play. First night it was funny, second not so funny. Last night I told him to get lost and he took the hint. He's quite at home with us now but still a morning kitty.
Can't wait till you hit 200 posts! : O

Willow said...

Wow Carrie, we have alot in common, but this is my fave (and true in my case too)

"I feel bad that I don't sleep with the other little critters so I rotate them out."

carrie said...


I suppose that is the difference between us: at 4am, I would consider little miss fur-for-brains a really late night kitty. After about 5 though...early morning. She's remarkably adapted to my sleeping patters, though she tends to sleep all the freaking time so it's not hard. ;)


Thank the Lord I'm not the only one who has her stuffed animals on a 'rotation.' My travels have messed that up a bit because you can only stuff the little mini ones in your carryon. Needless to say when my mini moose went through security today, I got a few curious looks. The poor dear was in a backpack for 8 hours! Hee hee.


Laura Collins said...

Hey, English teacher lady: what is the plural of "moose?" Or is "moose" already plural?

carrie said...


You are right, dear writer: "moose" is both plural and singular. Kind of like "sheep" and "shrimp".

Unless you're me, however, where they are mooses and sheeps, or Emeril and you have "shrimps." I can't explain why the last one bugs me and the first two don't, except for the fact that I made them up.


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