Therapeutic meals and other oxymorons

I'm in a day program at my local hospital, both for anorexia and depression. I do a twice-weekly therapeutic meal with one of the staff dieticians. The usual one is very knowledgeable and perky almost to a fault. She eats people food.

I ate with one of the contingent dieticians today since the usual one took the day off. It was painfully obvious that this woman had never worked with eating disorders before. I sat down with my burgers, fries, and ice cream while the dietician sat down with vegetables on a tortilla and a Dannon Light 'N Fit yogurt.

Say what? This woman is supposed to be teaching ME how to eat???! I could have fed her tray to a freaking rabbit! My cat eats more than that!

Well screw you very much.

I ate the burger and fries. So there.

I'm supposed to be learning a concept called "nomal eating." Who the hell eats "normal"? My coworkers compete in a fun event officially known as Weight Watchers at Work. The competition is basically who can cheese me off the fastest discussing which food has the least points. I have yet to point out that they can save lots of money on WW by just picking my brain, but I figure why ruin their fun. So if a dietician eats like a rabbit, what am I to do?

I don't think the diet industry causes eating disorders. It's far more complicated than that. But it makes it much harder to justify and substantiate recovery when everyone is telling us that calories are evil beings.

Burgers, fries, drama. Lovely.

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samsi77 said...

"Normalized Eating" might be one of the all time oxymorons of the year. A true testament of how distorted and brainwashed by the diet industry that our society has become is the fact that the average person has no idea of what "Nornalized Eating" is or looks like. It is scary when we turn to people such as celebreties that are so out of control of their own lives for guidance of what to do, how to look or what to eat. It would be so refreshing if people were to start listening to their own bodies and learning about what works for them, what helps them function at their optimal level physically, emotionally, & socially!

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