Recovery in a Nutshell

I've always tol myself I'm going to do a blog. And I do one or two posts and promptly forget about it. Of course I'm telling myself "this will be the one!" I sincerely hope it will.

This will not be my private journal- too many four letter words used on lined paper than would be appropriate for public viewing. Also my strong opinions on subject matters that might be detrimental to a future career. Gossip about coworkers and friends. That sort of thing.

So. What will be contained in this blog, one might ask? What recovery from anorexia is actually like. In real time. Not the thoughts and experiences that have been filtered by time, memory, and therapy. Just recovery. As is.

Hopefully, it will also contain some random ranting and raving and thoughts on subject matters completely unrelated to the strange and bizarre world of eating disorders.


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I'm a science writer, a jewelry design artist, a bookworm, a complete geek, and mom to a wonderful kitty. I am also recovering from a decade-plus battle with anorexia nervosa. I believe that complete recovery is possible, and that the first step along that path is full nutrition.

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