Sunday Smorgasbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for the latest in ED-related news, research, and more, so you don't have to.

Psychiatrists say diagnosis manual needs overhaul.

Vogue Magazine Bans Anorexic Models, But Will It Help?

You’re Never Too Old For An Eating Disorder.

How nudism helped one woman recover from bulimia. I cannot wait to see the search strings that will steer people towards my blog because of this...

Conquering childhood anxiety may pay off later in life with a reduced risk of anxiety and depression.

New app, Emerge, to expose media that you feel impacts body image (negatively or positively). Pretty cool.

Living The Life You Want – Weight Loss Not Required.

As if being a teenager wasn't hard enough: puberty increases vulnerability for dev of binge-eating disorder.

Neuroscientist identifies 6 unique emotional styles + the brain chemistry underlying each.

What the U.S. can (and can't ) learn from Israel's ban on ultra-thin models.

The Young Adult Section: Eating disorders at Stanford.

The Future of Psychiatry (= Clinical Neuroscience, says Tom Insel).

Small rodent study replicates other research: calorie-deprived babies may be predisposed to heavier weights later.

No gene is an island: What do scientists mean when they talk about environment and genes?

Are we "wired to run"? Runner's high might have been an evolutionary advantage.

'I Know I Can Help You': Parental Self-efficacy Predicts Adolescent Outcomes for FBT for EDs.

Yet another example of well-established "Obesity Paradox" - fat people outlive thinner people with same disease.

Does Race Affect Tendencies Toward Eating Disorders?

A blessing or a curse? High IQ is physiologically linked with increased worrying in generalized anxiety disorder. In other words, I'm totally screwed.

Dr. Marla Deibler discusses trichotillomania.

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Anonymous said...

I like the article on 'runners high'. The symptoms of exercise addiction/dependence fit my former self precisely.

Dennis said...

Nudism as a cure for Bulimia is an interesting concept.

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