Austin Redux

I have spent the last several days in Austin, Texas, attending the 2012 International Conference on Eating Disorders. I am still unpacking and sorting my thoughts and notes (yes, I am that kind of conference-goer), and I will have several blog posts with my thoughts later this week.

I can say that Laura gave a wonderful presentation about the language we use to describe eating disorders, and that I managed to ride a mechanical bull. Action shot below:

I also got to meet Lori, Cate, and more, along with reconnecting with Sarah Ravin, some FEAST parents, and other friends.

More details to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time :) I'm looking forward to more details!

Love the photo. Clearly you enjoyed riding the mechanical bull - lol :D

hm said...

Really interested in the language for describing eds- I'd love to hear more about that. Looking forward to hearing more. Welcome back! :)

Unknown said...

I am definitely interested in learning more about this conference. Cute bull photograph!

Cate said...

I would have loved to ride the bull!!! Lori turned down my offer to race her to the top of the climbing wall :-D
And I did get myself a pair of coyboy boots on South Congress Ave - so perhaps I'll just tell everyone I went on the bull as well (LOL)

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