Decoding Anorexia Update

Whelp, the book is finally finished! There is certainly some amount of copy-editing left to do, but the manuscript is essentially done.

I want to thank all of my blog readers for volunteering for interviews and then (for some of you) actually being interviewed. With time and space constraints, I didn't get to as many people as I ideally would have liked, but even if you didn't get an email from me, know that I deeply appreciate your willingness to help.

The book should be out in mid-October, with launch (fingers crossed) at this year's NEDA conference.

This also explains why there wasn't a smorgasbord this week- I had been triple-checking references in PubMed and I couldn't bear to look at that stinking site any longer. Luckily my aversion has repaired itself and I'm posting new research today on my Facebook page. The smorgasbord will return next week, humblest apologies.

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hm said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read it. :)

Cammy said...

Congratulations!!! I will definitely pre-order it. So glad that this is finally approaching completion after all the hard work you put into it!

Abby said...

Nothing other than huge congrats and a big "exhale!"

Angela Elain Gambrel said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Well done You!!!

-a devoted, if silent reader

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Carrie!

Emily said...

Woo hoo! Do you think you'll do some sort of book tour?

Carrie Arnold said...

Emily, nope, no book tour. That's reserved for authors who sell far more copies of their books than I ever will! ;)

NS said...

Congratulations Carrie!
I am really looking forward to reading it!

esqueci a ana (ex-ana) said...

European author tour?

Carrie Arnold said...

Nope, there won't be any book tour. Unless someone wants to fund one...? ;)

Victoria said...

Congrats!! I'm really looking forward to it! :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy :]

Laser Woodbridge VA said...

Congratulations, Carrie!

Laser Woodbridge VA said...

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