Sunday Smörgåsbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for the latest in ED-related news, research, and more, so you don't have to.

Binge eating to officially be declared a mental disorder.

From Seattle: Family-based treatment helps teen with eating disorder.

Effects of analytical and experiential self-focus on stress-induced cognitive reactivity in eating disorder psychopathology.

Addictive Personality? You Might be a Leader.

Dr. Lucene Wisniewski on Eating Disorders.

Don't assume guilt for your child's anorexia.

Predicting how much impact mental illness has in a person's life.

Association of Candidate Genes with Phenotypic Traits Relevant to Anorexia Nervosa.

Extraordinary microscopic food photographs.

ED recovery improves family climate, says new study.

Nick Watts of Men Get Eating Disorders Too writes for Mentally Healthy Magazine on the rise of EDs in men.

Finding independence from your eating disorder.

The 2 to 4 digit ratio (2D:4D) and eating disorder diagnosis in women.

ED behaviors can be harmful but not always obvious to others.

The clinical utility of personality subtypes in patients with anorexia nervosa.

Missing Gene Helps Mice Run for Hours.

Identifying eating disorders and compulsive exercise in pre-professional ballet dancers.

Dr. Daniel Le Grange on ED Research at the University of Chicago.

Sex differences precipitating anorexia nervosa in females: the estrogen paradox and a novel framework for targeting sex-specific neurocircuits and behavior.

Decreasing dietary restriction will help decrease bulimic behaviors.

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NS said...

The Telegraph article (from your link "Don't assume guilt for your child's anorexia") mentions a "a groundbreaking Swedish paper from 2007" in which healthy males ate a reduced diet and which "suggested that the physical process of starving yourself could of itself trigger the symptoms of anorexia in the brain."

This sounds like a contemporary variation on the 1945 Ansel Keys study. It would be interesting to see research showing similar results, but I haven't heard of the Keys experiment being duplicated (understandably).

Alas, the Telegraph is not a scholarly journal and I guesss is not obliged to cite the actual paper. Are you familiar with this study and what it did/showed?

HungryMac said...

Thank you for the link to the "Independence from ED" article! I'm four months into treatment and the possibility of recovery is just starting to peek around the corner at me and come up as a topic. I loved this: "The essence of treatment is to find a path where change will occur because it is not preordained that you wont get better." So precise. I'm new to your blog but really am loving what I'm finding so far!! Thank you! :)

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