Sunday Smörgåsbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for the latest in ED-related news, research, and more so you don't have to.

Scientists discover that bacteria in our gut influences anxiety, via "cross-talk" with the brain.

New brain imaging study challenges "reward deficit" theory as a factor for increased vulnerability to overeating.

You Aren't What You Eat: Judging Character From Food.

You are what your friends eat: systematic review of social network analyses of young people's eating behaviours and bodyweight.

What I'm really thinking: The anorexic teenager.

Why one therapist recommends considering the Maudsley Approach for anorexic adolescents.

'Blogging about my anorexia helped save my life'.

Dieting Can Make You Lose Your Mind.

Less extreme eating disorders often undiagnosed.

Prevalence and magnitude of body weight and image dissatisfaction among women in dietetics majors. I think this study would have been more informative if they compared the dietetics students to other majors.

An fMRI investigation of the fronto-striatal learning system in women who exhibit eating disorder behaviors.

Outcome of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Concurrent Eating and Substance Use Disorders.

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Angela Elain Gambrel said...

"Dieting Can Make You Lose Your Mind"

Well, it certainly almost did it for me!

Katie said...

I laughed out loud when I noticed that three of the adverts directly below the Maudsley article were about dieting. Oh dear!

I found the study into body dissatisfaction in dietetics students interesting. A lot of people either in recovery from EDs or with sub-clinical EDs seem to end up training to become dieticians. I'm not saying that this is an unhealthy career choice for all people who have experienced EDs, but it may well be an unhealthy choice if you are not fully recovered. Otherwise how on earth would you know that your career isn't just another facet of the food obsession which accompanies EDs? And how would you know you weren't just passing on your own ED distortions to your clients? Sometimes I wonder, with the ridiculously low calorie meal plans some people with EDs are given...

I didn't like the Guardian article on the anorexic teenager's thought processes. Many people will have read that article and assumed the message was that anorexia is about wanting attention or feeling special, since that was reflected in the girl's thoughts - whereas in reality personal interpretations of behaviours and the actual causes of behaviours are often very different. And one of my blogging friends wrote the Observer article, on blogging and anorexia :) yay for her!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, if you have a kindle (or you can even download kindle for pc for free) there is a book now available for free that's up your alley:

Pictures of the Mind: What the New Neuroscience Tells Us About Who We Are

Rufty said...

Hi Carrie, I hope you don't mind but I've put you on my blog list with a link to your site :) You're too good not to share!

Carrie Arnold said...


Thanks for the book recommendation--I will have to check it out.


Of course! You're very kind.

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