Help requested: Wisdom from your grandparents

I need some help from my wonderful female readers aged 18+ (sorry to exclude people--part of the request from my editor) for the story I'm working on for Self Magazine.

The story is on late-life joy, and using wisdom from your grandparents to live a better life.  I want to get comments from real women about life lessons they've learned from their grandparents that have helped them find fulfillment in their current lives.

If you would be willing to share your comment and/or be interviewed (briefly), please email me at  I will need your full name, age, and location.

Feel free to use the comments section on this post to share anonymously.


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Charlotte UK said...


I never had any grandparents. One of my great sadnesses. When I was young, I wanted an extra present at Christmas. However, I did have a stepfather, who was born in 1914, served in the second world war and didn't get a colour television until 1988 - will that do?


Stephanie said...

I would be more then happy to share as my grandparents were my rock and I feel very fortunate to have had them in my life up through my mid 30's. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them, miss them or reflect on all that I learned from them! I have some thoughts that I wrote and saved following my grandfathers passing that I will look for! Let me know via email if anything specific i can offer to be of support! Great topic

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

Not related to this post, but wasn't sure where to put this.

I just wanted to see if an email I sent you made it your way....I have a free email account and sometimes it doesn't reach people. In any case, the subject was relating to a possible resource for your book. Can you let me know if it made it or if it was counted as spam (I prefer to remain anonymous on the blog, but if this rings any bells, or if it doesn't, could you let me know here or via email?)


KL said...

Carrie, My grandma was AWESOME to me. To be honest she sucked as a mom. She never wanted to have 10 kids. She never wanted to live out in the country. She didn't want to get married at 16. But she did. She made the best of her situation but she wasn't happy about it. Her lessons to us (her 20 grandchildren) were all about creating the lives we wanted for ourselves. Not sitting back waiting for someone to grant up permission. She wantes us to go out there and tke the bull by the horns. PLUS she started putting condoms in our christmas stockings when we were like 18. Yay grandma!

Anonymous said...

My grandparents weren't really around that much - and when they were, the fact that my mother's childhood had been difficult due to her father's verbal and physical abuse made things strained. I didn't find out about that until I was a teen (I'm now 23, and they died four years ago) and in some ways it has made me view them differently - but on the other hand, I'll never forget my grandad saying 'never let the bastards grind you down' and I try to live this - it's become my personal saying, as it was his.

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