Tip Day

Today's Tip Day can be summarized thusly:

Don't forget it's tip day.

I totally lost track of the fact that yesterday was, in fact, Wednesday, and that Wednesday means Tip Day.  I never forget the smorgasbord, but remembering Tip Day is far harder than it should be.

Compounding this is the fact that I rarely have good ideas floating around to really choose from.

With that in mind, please use the comments section to share topics you would like me to cover for future Tip Days!

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amarie said...

1) How to pick yourself up/do self-care after a stumble or relapse to get yourself back on track.

2) Talking with/to others about food/weight-related triggers and issues. Examples: coworkers commenting on your weight/food habits, friends making ED-related jokes. Generally, deflecting social triggers while educating (or at least not letting hurt continue).

Amy Dickman said...

Would love "tips" as to how to handle people who constantly want to FEED you a ham sandwich or fix you. Also would LOVE a "tip" or twelve about how to let loved ones know they shouldn't treat you with kid gloves/feel like they know it all/help them understand some small bit of what someone suffering and recovering might be going through......

hm said...

I'm w/Ann on #1.
Subcategories for post-relapse care:
a. How to broach the subject w/loved ones/ ask for support.
b. Specific foods/ food suggestions that are perhaps not so overwhelming to consume.
c. Tolerating the influx of anxiety that accompanies refeeding.

Would also love to see:
1. Tips for caregivers/ loved ones- what CAN you say to someone who is relapsing?
2. Tips for ED strugglers on how to avoid relapse.
3. Danger signs that a relapse is impending- when to know you need to be careful.
4. How to gauge the internal compass- I can feel "right" vs. "wrong" pretty clearly, but when it comes to food, I just feel "wrong." Wonder if others feel this way, and if you've got ideas for how to cope with the guilt.
5. Ideas for practicing "thought interruption"- how to battle the internal negative voices and noise calling you fat, telling you to put the food down, telling you food is bad. Tips for how to either shut the noise off or at least turn it down.
6. How to heal from or find alternatives to self-injury as an outlet during recovery.
7. How to cope with the panic of putting on pounds.
8. What to expect from your treatment team in terms of goals for your weight and daily food consumption- how to trust them and tolerate their goals for you.

I'm sure I'll think of more... That's what's currently at the front of my head!

Colleen said...

definitely how to deal with people who are uneducated and make comments about eating disorders. like, "that girl is SO anorexic!" or "i should probably just throw this up, it's so bad for me" etc.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how to stop doing this.
I know this is a completely unfair thing to ask, but I have to ask it. I have to stop restricting before I make myself even sicker, and I know I'm doing it, but I can't stop and I don't know why.

Briony said...

Tips on dealing with winter/increasing flexibility maybe: at the moment I'm struggling because my appetite has increased with the cold, but I can't bring myself to eat more. Tips about coping with meals out etc.

I second what others have said: in particular, coping with other people's comments about dieting.

Anonymous said...

All previous suggestions are very good. I suggest 2:
The diet-anorexy frontier.
The false opposition obesity-anorexy.

Mary McClain said...

I would love to hear a "tip" on how to decrease my work-out and running to a more realistic time frame. Over the past 6 months in recovery, I have really started to allow myself to eat, but I am having such a difficult time reducing my running. I know its the final step I need to really attain full-recovery (which know is a lifelong process) but it just feels soooooo hard. Any tips or ideas on how you handled it? Do you think its necessary to give it up completely at first or is it OK to exercise during recovery?

Leigha said...

I am not one to reach out to strangers, but after being around the blog for so long, i feel nothing like a stranger. I am currently going through what feels like my one millionth relapse. This time, though, it feels different. It feels like i have it under control...but part of me knows this is the disorder(s) talking. I need to know how to reach out to friends who have no idea, in order to ask for accountability...ideas?

Anonymous said...

hey carrie!
I have been a silent reader for a really long time but now comes the time for me to ask you something!
I suffer from really bad GI problems in my recovery and would really love to know if you have found anything that helps with this.
And I also want to take the time to tell you that I ADORE your blog and your honesty here! Thank you for writing this blog

Carrie Arnold said...

Such wonderful ideas!

I've been swamped with work and my poor, beleaguered brain appreciates the input.

I will start tackling these next week!

Anonymous said...

Tips for talking to your friends about your ed without totally freaking them out!

Tips for how to deal/what to think when people make comments about food/weight and it triggers you

Thank you! xxx

Jodi said...

I came across your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed reading your thoughts and experiences. I've given the whole blog thing a chance but haven't been very consistent with it (ok, so I've written maybe 3 posts). After a triumph today I was inspired to write. Perhaps the topic of letting go could be a tip day topic feel free to check out my post http://mrsryder.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/cleaning-out-the-closet-an-ingenious-way-of-letting-go/

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