Sunday Smörgåsbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for ED-related links, research, news and more, so you don't have to!

Scientists uncover genes linked to anorexia.

5 tips for mindful holiday dining.

An off-line pilot evaluation of a web-based systemic cognitive-behavioral intervention for carers of people with anorexia nervosa.

Therapeutic factors affecting the cognitive behavioral treatment of bulimia nervosa via telemedicine versus face-to-face delivery.

Critical appraisal of the provisional DSM-5 criteria for anorexia nervosa and an alternative proposal.

Why are Americans so obsessed with food?

The media, eating disorders, and you.

Fear- and disgust-related covariation bias and eating disorders symptoms in healthy young women.

Gray matter decrease distribution in the early stages of Anorexia Nervosa restrictive type in adolescents.

1 in 5 US adults suffer mental illness.

Binge Eating Disorder / Compulsive Overeating and Its Treatment.

College gives resources to treat eating disorders.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought, have you ever considered how different people taste in your research? I've noticed you research a lot, but came across this podcast and they discussed BMI and people who taste more of something, eat less of it and things like that.

Here's a link to that particular pc:

Hopefully you find it at least a little useful

Anonymous said...

**Oh, and the title of the cast itself is "Taste and How it Works."

Carrie Arnold said...

See this week's smorgasbord for one look at tasting!

Thanks for sharing these links- I have downloaded the podcast and will listen on my way to therapy tomorrow (it's a one hour drive!).


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