Sunday Smorgasbord

I search the web for eating disorder-related research and news (and some stuff only tangentially related to eating disorders, and even a few bits that I just feel like sharing) so you don't have to.

Enjoy the smorgasbord, folks!

Seven alternatives to evidence-based medicine. This article also contains the first confirmed sighting of a sense of humor amongst doctors.

Mental health: The invisible illness

The organization Men Get Eating Disorders Too wins a £1,500 grant to support its core mission.

Yet another reason to smile: Smiling leads to physiological changes in the brain that cool blood and trigger happy feelings. So feel free to give someone the finger- just do it with a grin!

Stingy economic behavior produces more shame, higher cortisol. Maybe I should relax that tight-fisted grip on my least when I start getting paid for my writing gigs.

The future of data visualization: more prominent nutrition facts information

Brain scans could improve careers advice

Why is the BMI still used as a valid tool? (It's fast, cheap, and easy, for starters. Note that "accurate" isn't one of those adjectives.)

Intuitive eaters counter chronic dieting mentality

Specific adipocytokines profiles in patients with hyperactive and/or binge/purge form of anorexia nervosa

This magazine cover is not a health guide

I Remember: My journey through fatness, skinniness, and healthiness

Does the human body crave the foods it requires?

B-EAT has a new memorial page

Two new articles on treating food addiction:
Overeaters anonymous: From yummy mummies to civil servants, they have one thing in common – an eating addiction
Food addiction support groups growing in popularity

Laxative abuse: epidemiology, diagnosis and management

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Lisa said...

omgoodness. these links have been so helpful! thanks!!

Katie said...

I laughed so hard at the alternatives to evidence-based medicine - especially the table! I think my last psychiatrist was a practitioner of diffidence-based medicine ;)

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