Sunday Smorgasbord

Yet again, your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord for your pleasure and enjoyment. This was a pretty light week for ED-related news and research, so the smorgasbord has been adjusted accordingly.

A woman on a starvation diet gets sick and starts gaining weight back. This is shocking and newsworthy how? And her body telling her to eat more is a "setback" because why?

Sweet preference, sugar addiction and the familial history of alcohol dependence: shared neural pathways and genes

The Rub with Greasy Grub: Is Fast Food the New F Word?

Tracking the National Mood Through Twitter. Nope, nothing to do with eating disorders, but I thought it was pretty fun!

Relationship between color and emotion: a study of college students

You Vs. Perfectionism: 3 Little Secrets to Overcoming this Demon

Highly Sensitive People in a Highly Insensitive World

New Eating Disorder Council in Missouri to oversee ED education & identify whether adequate treatment is available

The endocannabinoid system and its relevance for nutrition

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EvilGenius said...

love the fast food article so much. her points apply to many different foods not just Burger King and I think it's incredibly important for the world as a whole as well as people in ED recovery to realise that 'imperfect' food (nutritionally speaking) is not evil. I'm so tired of hearing the excuse of 'health' used to cover up fear of a food. especially since a lot of ED patients a) use salt like it's going out of style or b) smoke. seems like the only 'health' concerns valid are the weight related ones ;)
in any case I eat fast food/sugar/MSG/you name it, not every meal but whenever I want to, and just got back my blood tests perfect as opposed to riddled with red lines when I had an ED :)

Cathy (UK) said...

I like the article: "Highly sensitive people n a highly insensitive world." It's something I identify with a lot.

I recently watched a cat be almost knocked over by a car. Initially I thought it had been hit, but was relieved when the car passed and I saw the kitty at the other side of the road. I crossed the road and stroked the cat, who was very sweet and friendly. It seemed unphased by the whole experience.

However, the event replayed itself over and over in my mind - and what could have been. I imagined seeing a badly injured cat, in pain, lying in the road crying. I felt deeply upset and haunted, just as I feel when I read of animal cruelty in newspapers.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked the article about the woman who was on a starvation diet. It sounds to me like she has learned something valuable from the experience and worthy to be shared with others. She is learning to listen to her body in regards to its nutritional needs, no longer overeating or undereating. She is having fun while exercising, enjoying a variety of activities and making it a social experience. Good for her!

Carrie Arnold said...


Yes, the "health" thing. So true. I don't think eating fast food for all your meals is a good thing, but fast food itself isn't evil.


I saw a dog get hit and killed by a car, and I was haunted for months. I sat there at the side of the road and just screamed and cried for this dog I didn't even know.


I agree that the outcome was good for this woman, and I'm glad she's more social in her exercising, etc. What I found interesting was how the reporter covered it and the words they chose to describe what happened.

Fiona Place said...

Dear Carrie
Just wondering if you would like to receive a review copy of Cardboard: a woman left for dead?

Fiona Place said...

Oh and if so do email me - it is listed on my google account!

Best wishes


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