NEW: Relapse Prevention Series

I've been working with TNT on developing my own personal, handy-dandy relapse prevention plan. It's far from the first plan that I've worked on, but it's the first detailed plan that I've worked on.

I've gotten emails and feedback on my blog about the need for better relapse prevention planning, and so I thought I would turn my therapy homework and your requests into a blog series on relapse prevention.

I have some idea of what I want to cover, but I also want input from you to see what issues you would like to see covered. It can be mundane--often the things that trip us up are pretty mundane. I can't guarantee that I will cover everything, but I will do my best.

Stay tuned for the first post later today!

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Kushika said...

I really look forward to hearing your ideas. This is actually just what I need right now.

Do you think you could mind covering how to reach out for help if you feel you are relapsing? I think I struggle with this as I'm not sure what support I want, how to get it (ie from friends/family) without scaring other people that I am going back to where I was, and how to overcome the shame of wanting to get help? said...

I'm looking forward to this!

I'd be interested to know how you know when you're cutting corners on your food. I feel like the only way i can know if I'm cutting corners on my food for sure (and not find a way to rationalize/justify it) is if I'm measuring my food.... and something feels disordered to me a/b measuring my food, even if I'm measuring it in order to follow a meal plan..... I want to eat enough and be able to honestly communicate to people what i'm eating without measuring my food. Maybe it comes down to forcing yourself to answer a series of questions a few times a week: 1) Am I hungrier in between meals/snacks this week? 2) Am I getting more irritable between meals/snacks? 3) Am I thinking about food in between meals/snacks more?

Probably a lot of relapse can be prevented if you are seriously 100% truly honest with yourself - and communicate with that same honesty to others who support you. So, maybe it'd be good to have a series of questions to ask yourself that help you e honest with yourself...

Anonymous said...

I would like to see something on meal planning and eating enough. Other good topics: exercising and overexercising, a restrictive mentality overall, and the "I shouldn't want/need/desire this" factor...feeling overly guilty or greedy or needy for needing food or help or support.

Katie said...

I keep a relapse prevention plan on my blog and it's been so useful. It's based on the WRAP by Mary Ellen Copeland, if that's any use! The best thing for me was having separate lists for physical symptoms, behaviours and emotional changes I go through when I'm beginning to relapse. I should probably update it again, actually...

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog! I'm katie.... I've had anoreixa for a few years now. Been to Renfrew Florida and st pauls in vancouver...... plus many medical admissions. And I agree- ED DOES bite!
I love the sunday thing with ED news..... that new tv show about the kids having to lose weight.... it jsut makes me so sad. It should be nice and triggering.... like the Biggest Loser... which I also hate.
Relapse prevention is soooo important. I don't knwo any treatment center or program I have been to that comes even close to doing enough of it......
Its easy in treatment.... its when you leave that things get hard....

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