"What does real recovery look like?"

A webinar on eating disorder recovery that was co-produced by the National Eating Disorders Association and the PBS program This Emotional Life is now online and available for viewing. The whole webinar is one hour long, but it's an interesting discussion and worth watching/listening to.

Recovery from an Eating Disorder: What Does Real Recovery Look Like? from NEDA on Vimeo.

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Kushika said...

Thank you very much for posting this -- I found it quite informative and useful to hear, especially from both male and female speakers.

On thing I noted was that, in the beginning, there was a distinction between "in recovery" and "recovered" as I've not really thought about the difference between the two -- so many have told me that "you are always in recovery".

I look forward to the day in which I am not longer thinking about my illness and food.

Crimson Wife said...

Is there ever an end? I sure as heck hope so! Even if I'm not yet there, I pray that someday I will reach a point where I can honestly say I'm fully recovered :-)

It *DOES* get easier as time goes on. That's what keeps me hopeful that one day it will happen.

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