1,000 posts later

When I first started blogging three and a half years ago, I didn't really foresee much of a future for my blog. It was really just me, sitting at my keyboard, needing a place to vent. I've passed several milestones along my way (100 posts, 100,000 unique site visits, 200,000 unique site visits), and it still seems totally surreal. I feared that blogging would get old- or that my readers would find my posts boring and dull. I had stopped writing in my journal a year ago because I got so bored of always writing how much I hated myself, how fat I was, how much my life sucked. I was wallowing in my own misery, and I feared, more than anything, that my blog would become filled with the same tedium that my journals would.

But it didn't.

Some of that is due to the fact that I am further along in recovery than I was and have far more interesting things to write about than How Unfair It Is and How Fat I Am. But a lot of it has to do with my readers, and my desire for my blog to be a source of information and hope rather than misery and despair. I enjoyed your presence in my life so much that I began to challenge the eating disorder. I don't see my blog as just an online journal- I see it more of as a community that is part of the larger ED recovery community. I love writing for writing's sake (I am, after all, a writer by trade), but that's not why I blog.

I blog because for the first time in my life, I feel I have something important to say. I blog because I find so much support from others and enjoy being able to give some support back. I blog because it keeps me real.

I never would have gotten to 1000 posts or any of my other milestones without my readers. You have made this blog one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done in my life.

So here's to another 1000 posts!


Jane Cawley said...

Congratulations on yet another milestone, Carrie!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats!!

I always look forward to reading what u have to say at night before I fall a sleep!

Finding Melissa said...

Congratulations and please keep them coming - you're inspirational!

Sarah said...

Carrie, you're truly a rock star!! I love how you recognize how interesting your writing is now that you are further in your recovery. I realized that I was ABLE to be a lot more creative when I was further along (better nourished) and the progress you can see in my writing style in my personal journal as I steadily get myself to that well-nourished place physically is amazing.

Abby said...

Congrats and thank you...I often worry that all I blog about is the same feelings over and over. Realizing that, it's a great motivator for change, as I respect this incredible community too much. You and your blog included.

Here's to many more--posts and positive steps in recovery.

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing your insight with all of us. You DO have a lot of interesting and encouraging things to say. Thanks for being so dedicated... and congrats! xoxo

secret said...

I have read your blog off and on for awhile now, and recently decided to join the blogging community myself. You can find me at bingeeatingsecret.blogspot.com

James Clayton said...

Nice one!

When I was trying to get myself together to actually put up a fight against eating disorders, your blog, Carrie, was one of the first that I came across and inspired me.

You may think that no one is listening but just by writing your working your own demons, raising awareness and putting inspirational posutuvity out there.

Thanks for everything! :)

Maddi said...

:D I am SOOOO glad I found your blog! I havent even been reading it for long but I love your writing and positive view on life. Thanks for sharing all that you have!! xoxo

Amy said...


Sarah said...

Congratulations! I always love what you have to say, and I have learned so much from you.

Mamie said...

And I hope you know that we're really grateful for those 1000 posts:) Congratulations- and thank you! x

Cathy (UK) said...

I only found your blog about 6 months ago Carrie, and I think it was because I googled some specific aspect of anorexia nervosa. After reading a collection of your posts on that day I thought 'Yep, a kindred spirit!'.

Keep those posts coming... They're great :)

tia @ dietcolagirl said...

I really like your posts. they are always thoughtful and thought provoking. congrats on moving fwd in recovery and for inspiring so many of us too.

Cammy said...

You know I am your forever fan and look forward to the next 1,000!

hopeful mom said...

Your blog has been invaluable to me. My boy just asked for roast beef for his sandwiches while he is home from uni this weekend. Last year at this time we checked him into resi. You offered your support to me at a very low point and I will always thank God for you.

Congratulations on your 1000 post milestone!!!

James Clayton said...

(I realise that I never finished my sentence and wrote something that didn't make sense. To put that right, I'll just add that what I wanted to say was that you're doing something amazing.)

MrsMenopausal said...

You're one of the first ED blogs I had the pleasure of finding and I'm so glad I did. Congratulations!

Bill said...



Kate said...

congratulations, carrie! i hope i too can get there someday! what an example you are to the rest of us who are documenting our recovery!

Laura Collins said...

What you do here is important to all of us!

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