Potential Blog Redesign

I am in the process of considering a blog redesign, much of which will be cosmetic, but I hope to make the blog more search-able and user friendly.

I have an idea of what I would like to see happen, of course, but this isn't just my blog. I'm interested in what you think! In particular:

What would you like to see added to ED Bites?

What don't you want to see taken away?

Some of the additions, in particular, may be difficult because I don't know much programming. I do, however, have Mad Google Skillz and some very geeky friends. I am open to any and all suggestions. Please leave any thoughts you might have in the comments, and I look forward to reading them!

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ex ana said...

I like very much your blog and I visit it very frequently.I also like the design of it and the format you post with many links within.
About the redesign I have 2 few suggestions:
a) Transfer the [Search ED Bites] to the first visible area when we enter the blog, top right. And, instead of a google oriented search tool a search ED Bites search tool only ED-blog oriented
b) I am not sure about the 'labels' and your criteria, but a labels map maybe will be useful for the first time visitant.
Thanks again for your blog with or without redesign it is great.

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

I'm terrible with technology, sorry I can't offer any good advice!

have a wonderful wednesday lovely lady
bec xo

Kim said...

My husband is a programmer and I do basic HTML for my job, so if you have specific questions in that arena, send 'em my way. I love your blog, as you know. I always like it when there are posts by category, or general "about me" pages to anchor new readers. You have a lot of science posts, and some personal ones. I like the variety.

Jay said...

My first suggestion is to reduce the size of the artwork at the top. With a 12" screen, it's pretty much all I can see before scrolling. And I like the words vs. images approach of the art (especially considering that your blog is more research driven than feel-good driven), but some of those words can be upsetting to sensitive readers.

I like the jewelry photos next to the posts, and I think the reason why is that it makes the lower part of the page more than just a lump of text. You might consider light graphics that extend down one column all the way to the bottom.

I don't know if you meant you want your site to be searchable from within or from outside, but if it's the latter, there are a lot of useful posts about making your blog visible/searchable at Copyblogger.com (a great site with all kinds of help for serious bloggers).

This is long because I spent a couple days thinking it over -- I've really enjoyed your site, and want to see it do well. I appreciate the balance between personal and factual posts. Best to you.

Carrie Arnold said...

Thank you all for your comments- I will keep them in mind.


Thanks for your extensive feedback- I have printed it out. I am rather enamored with my wordle, but I realize that's not everyone!

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