Another milestone, sooner than expected

About 11 months ago, I posted about an ED Bites milestone: I had tracked over 100,000 unique site visits. At that time, ED Bites was a little over 2 years old.

Less than one year later, at 11:17 pm Eastern Standard Time tonight, I hit another milestone:

So to whomever visited from Christchurch, New Zealand, I have to say this: thanks.

And thanks to all of my readers, not just for coming, but for staying. Getting people traipsing through on internet searches is always nice (even if it is so that I can laugh at the search terms they used to find me!), but it doesn't leave me feeling like I made a big difference. Having people come back, day after day, having them comment and provide time and energy and thought into their discussions, having them be thoughtful and respectful even when disagreeing with me, all of this--I can say honestly that this is one slam-bang, hot damn reason to recover.

I am profoundly honored to have you, all 200,000 of you, in my life and a part of this blog.

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RCK said...

Felicitations de Montreal depuis 2 ans!! On est profondement chanceux de vous avoir ici--de vous avoir sur cette terre, toujours en lutte contre cette maladie, et de vous lire sur le web, dans ces mots toujours touchants et inspirants. Vous etes une personne absolument remarquable...j'espere que vous vous sentez autant aimee qu'on vous aime!

Love to you from Montreal!

K-pedia said...

Of course you make a big difference! I read your blog every day. You are a huge inspiration. Congratulations on your 200,000 visitor, and keep up the good work!!!

Jane Cawley said...

Congratulations, Carrie!

KristineM said...

Thanks to you, Carrie, for sharing both the scientific info and your very personal thoughts and feelings. As long as you keep on blogging, I'll keep on reading!

Cathy (UK) said...

Wow, I didn't know that you were able to obtain a wonderful break down of data like that. A geek like me loves that kind of stuff :D

I really enjoy reading your blog Carrie, and contributing to discussion around the topic of EDs. I think it's important that those of us who have experienced EDs are able to share thoughts and feelings in a public forum.

Well done, and keep blogging!

mariposai said...

Congrats :-)

I've been following your blog for well over a year now, and it's helped me understand ED and recovery alot better. I shall continue to read for as long as you keep posting in it.

Thanks for bringing us all this fantastic blog :-)

Sarah x

Katie said...

Congratulations Carrie! I'm really grateful for the existence of your blog, it's intelligent, informative and quite often helpful in a practical sense as well. As long as you keep writing it I'm going to keep reading it :)

Anonymous said...

That's because you're ace!!!
I read every day. Thanks for your words. xoxo

Kim said...

Congrats! Your blog never fails to inform and inspire me :)

hopeful mom said...

You've been a part of my life for a couple of years. Thank you for your wonderful distillation of research and insightful commentary and your friendship. That you took the time to reach out when my boy was entering rezzy meant a lot.


Bill said...


I have learned a lot from you.


Kate said...

congratulations, carrie! and as someone who is just starting out, can i ask you a question? how did you promote your blog, at first? right now it's just my friends and family reading, and while that means so much, i'm interested in getting it out there to the wider ed community. thanks so much, kate (

Adrianna said...

I discovered this blog late 2008 and it has been invaluable to my healing. To this day, it is my daily dose of sanity.

Congratulations! You've earned it!

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