You know you're in recovery when... don't bother clicking on the "Casseroles Under 200 Calories!" link in your cooking newsletter because you know they won't cut it for your meal plan.

...instead, you click on the link for energy bar recipes and think "that's more like it."

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Kim said...

I love this. I just had one of these moments this weekend: You know you're in recovery when you go out of your way to put butter on your pancakes.

Jessi said...

what a refreshing post carrie!!! :)

Alexis @ tobebeautiful said...

This post is awesome! I will definitely be looking for "You know you're in recovery when..." moments this week!

midoriliem said...

Exactly. My mother gave me a low-fat cookbook (don't ask) and I was looking through it, thinking "Do you know how many servings I would have to eat of this 150 calorie entree?"

Laurel said...

I need one of those Facebook "like" buttons on this one!

Eating With Others said...

Great and here I thought you were giving us casserole recepies. It didn't click till I read some of the comments that normal people eat more than 200 calories at a meal. Oh well live and learn.

Rachel said...

You know you're recovered when your husband offers you a warm and gooey smore and you eat it without doing mental calisthenics in figuring out how many calories it has.

Cammy said...

This post made me happy, thumbs up!

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