Is Anorexia Addictive?

I stumbled across an interesting Power Point presentation by Shan Guisinger from the 2004 Human Behavior and Evolution Society in Berlin titled: Is Anorexia Nervosa Addictive?

The information is basic, but provides a good overview of how biology can trap someone predisposed to AN in a viscious cycle of starvation and exercise.

An article from Scientific American by Trisha Gura titled "Addicted to Starvation," fills in many of the gaps of the Power Point presentation and is one of the best pieces on AN neurobiology that I've read. One of Gura's more recent blog posts (Brainwashing in Anorexia: Neuroscientists Weigh In) is also quite good.

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Jessi said...

very interesting... it is certainly my addiction and I keep getting trapped and released... trapped and released!


How are you going Carrie?

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