Better than Prozac

I think this pill will take care of all of my worries...don't you?

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Jera said...

What about Resistizol (sorry, no image)? That sounds like a more proactive kind of pill, although fukitol sounds tempting at times.

Silly Girl said...

Amen sister!

alice said...

why does it take so long for the penny to drop with me! get it now.

mary said...

yes, yes it will work...but only for enough time to let you get some rest. It would be a great name to really see on the meds. I mean, why pretend?" No I'm not interested today..I just took my fucitol" hmmm what would you call Aria if you were to give her a drug/name/effect? Had your catchum today?

A:) said...

I love this :)

Carrie Arnold said...

Personally, I think the mascot for Fukitol should be someone sticking up their middle finger. A certain amount of apathy is healthy for me because part of my problem is that I care too much about stuff that isn't really worth it.

I call Aria's medicinal effect "Furry Prozac." Otherwise, it would be mostly soft and fuzzy with a hint of claws and teeth.

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