Know this.

On the subway this morning, I was flipping through one of the free newspapers that they give out when I saw one of the greatest ads, for ironically enough, Gold's Gym.

I liked it so much that I brought it home and hung it on my wall. I tried to take a picture to share with you, but it was yellow text on a dark gray background, so it didn't come out very well. But since it was just text, I figure this should be all the same.

Know this.

Your strength is different than everyone else's strength.
You don't have their strength and they don't have yours.
But we are all strong in our own way.
It's just that sometimes we let our strength off the hook.
We let our strength sleep in or slink off to the bar.
We let our inner bad-ass atrophy.
But our strength waits for us.
And prods us.
That voice in your head saying, "I know who you really are."
That is your strength.
That voice says, "Yeah, I know you. Do you know me?"

For some people, strength will be finding joyful exercise after years of inactivity. For others (such as me), getting my inner bad-ass muscles back in shape may involve some loafing on the couch. I think most people let their own strength off the hook in one way or another, even if it's not related to exercise.

Maybe it's time to start putting our strength back on the hook and seeing what we can do.

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Anon Mom said...

Love this and will probably email it to myself, maybe print out, hope that I don't lose it ... and if I do, that I stumble upon it again at just the right time ... like when my inner bad-ass has left the building. It piggybacks on an artsy magnet I got at a festival recently that said: "Don't be afraid to be strong."

Anonymous said...

that is so great!! I need to re-connect with my inner bad-ass.

Laura Collins said...

Perfect timing for me to read this - thank you!

Carrie Arnold said...

I am still laughing that it's for a gym ad, but seriously, if a gym is going to advertise, this is SO MUCH better than the weight loss angle.

I am going to look into getting it laminated- we might have the ability at my office, else I'll head to Kinko's.

Lisa said...

Oh wow, that's great. I might laminate it and stick it to the fridge in my new apartment.

Lissy said...

what a great ad. and a great way to "frame" how and why we move our bodies. strength. i love it!

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